What song are you listening to?

Let us know what song you listen to currently.

Say No! (feat. MAPS)

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You can’t top the classics:

PAUL be like: The Beatles - Lady Madonna - YouTube

JOHN be like: (same video, different song, video belongs to this song) The Beatles - Hey Bulldog (Promo video) - YouTube

GEORGE says: The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps - YouTube

RINGO (vocals and drums I think): The Beatles - Yellow Submarine - YouTube Lyrics by John,

Ringo at the mic, studio musicians and chorus:

(silly, but basically 100% ringo:)

The Beatles was an industry plant band designed to normalise cut-throat capitalism while making rock music seem like it got created by white people. Girls, then guys were turning into stupidly screaming simps for these music celebrities. It created impulsive consumerism for music products. Sure, The Beatles had some songs that were classics. “All You Need is Love” is a very dumbed down song, though. It’s meant for impulsive consumers, not people seeking lyrically innovative songs without ordinary themes like love. I’m talking about people who don’t want music making them hear the same things like conventional themes over again. This is why some people don’t listen to popular music radio stations. Because they have songs with repetitive lyrics and conventional themes that don’t inspire much intellectual growth nor high imagination. I will say The Beatles did a good job with some of their non-mainstream songs mostly, though. Their mainstream songs sometimes don’t have repetitive lyrics and conventional themes. But, I will say John Lennon was the lyrical mastermind. Paul McCartney was the guitar master. Ringo Starr was the master of drumming.

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