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What is your best vision for the Fractal Future Network?

Since about a month this forum runs under the slogan “envisioning and creating a better future”. It serves as platform for creating and discussing visions of the future, whether they are more personal, or wide-ranging. It is also supposed to support projects that aim at creating a better future.

There are certainly many things that this platform could serve for that would also fit under the banner of envisioning and creating a better future. I wonder what your highest hopes for a platform like this are, or what it could transform into, or give rise to.

A whole range of topics have been discussed that go into the direction of envisioning a “futuristic” community. Maybe the could serve as inspiration for you:

Please go wild with your imagination now:

  • What would the optimal online community look like?
  • What should it be able to do?
  • What kind of physical outposts should an ideal community have?
  • What would this community actually do?
  • What relations would it have to the rest of the world?
  • How would it change the world to the better?
  • For what kind of reasons do people join?
  • Just think about what we could do with 10 000 people and a budget of 10 billion Euro, for example!

It’s not like we are close to making anything of the above reality, but it would still be great to have a clear ideal vision that we could work towards step for step.

Or you could ask yourself an alternative question: If the world develops in the most optimal way in the next 15 years, how would you want to live? What kind of ideal community would you want to live in?

  • it should admit thoughts, that exceed mainstream opinions.
  • it should be able to discuss matters on a fundamental level: analyse and research and develop the power of the scientific method, to gain more understanding and clarity
  • people should provide each other with their knowledge
  • physical outposts are subordinate, what is much more important is the availability of discussion partners whenever someone feels concern about a topic or just wants to talk about whatever. it would be beneficial to have specialists and experts for various topics.
  • flexibility for communication: chats where you can get immediate answers and don´t feel the pressure to write a consistent post and stay within the limits of the topic. where you have the freedom to ramble and to have fun.
  • people join because they find something their usual sphere and real life discussion partners could not provide them with: open mindedness, ambitions to change the world, knowledge and interests they share
  • people join because they gain more self-confidence in their way of thinking. before joining the community they had doubs when they always feel like aliens in their private sphere when nobody else shares their interests and concerns. the certainty of the existence of like-minded people they now know empowers them to spread their messages everywhere without doubs anymore.