What is the saddest truth about life?

This is the saddest truth about life. People use ‘We’ when they are in adversity. And it turns to ‘I’ when adversity turns to prosperity.

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Now imagine that people used ‘I’ when they were in adversity. Would they even get out of it that way? Without cooperating effectively, we can only use a minute fraction of our full potential.

What you’ve stated isn’t really sad. It’s a good, but not optimal development. After all, the development consisted in turning adversity into prosperity. The real issues are the limits to effective cooperation. How can we work together towards a meaningful common goal? That’s far from trivial. It’s the challenge whose answer defines how well we will live.


I’d say it’s the perception of most people that a rich society means a poor individual resulting in egomania as a virtue.

you mean the saying:

the strong one is the most powerful alone

didn`t you?