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What happens after we die?

I wonder.

What happens to yourself, your soul, your consciousness after physical death of the body, or at least, what do you believe, assume or wish?

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Better to become young again through gene improvement. First, it is enough to increase the life expectancy to 150. Later, cyborg and AI robots merge into a non-biological life form.

If that does not work - am 57: Reincarnation, the biggest punishment you start again with diapers.

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You just need to combine quantum multiverse theory or modal realism with the simulation hypothesis, and you get an answer to that question. If your world is not a simulation, death is the end. If not, well, the simulators could decide to download your mind before your death into a virtual or physical body in their own world. Ask Dirk Bruere, he has thought about that.

The problem is that we don’t have good data on what kind of world we will be reconstructed into. Perhaps it’s better, but perhaps it’s terribly fucked up. But that may be more a question of your own preferences than about any objective criteria about that world.

As you only experience yourself subjectively all worlds in which you aren’t reconstructed after your death in this world, are filtered out anyway. So only the worlds remain in which you are reconstructed into a continuation of your current life. In the end, there’s no escape from subjective immortality.


That was very deep.

Sorry, but I did not get everything I guess. :wink: