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What do you want to witness in your lifetime?

In my lifetime, this is what I would like to witness. Biological element deposition at nano scale. An amalgamation of biotechnology and material sciences, giving rise to an age of biological computers. Living, breathing organisms with semiconductor veins in every home and handheld device, dedicated to the service of mankind. A perfectly safe application of biotechnology, aimed at blurring the distinction between what is real and what is virtual.

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end of suffering.
everyone be happy.
global consciousness / gaia.
proof of P vs NP.

  1. Basic income
  2. A nicely working reputation economy that enables digital abundance
  3. Transhumanism becoming popular and influential
  4. The end of wars
  5. Better use of collective intelligence for solving grand problems
  • Neural interfaces for
  • Full immersion into virtual worlds and perception streams (and better data visualization)
  • Direct telepathic and empathic communication
  • Group-minds
  • Additive manufacturing becoming ubiquitous and prices dropping dramatically
  • Atomically precise manufacturing
  • Artificial general intelligence
  • Effective somatic gene therapies
  • Nanosensors and nanobots makíng conventional medicine obsolete
  • Uplifting of animals
  • A cultural shift towards seeking wisdom
  • The end of ageing and most diseases
  • New avatars / bodies made out of nanobot swarms
  • Space colonization
  1. Abundant Energy - especially nuclear (much cleaner modern fission and fusion) and Solar
  2. Abundant Resources - including reuse of all the resources in the dumps of the world and near earth asteroid resources
  3. Abundant Intelligence - human intelligence augmentation and AI / AGI
  4. Experienced actualized abundance - all needs and many of the desires of everyone met with a small fraction of productive capacity
  5. Abundant Life - end to all deterioration and mandatory death by aging.
  6. Abundant Health - cure of all diseases and undesired condifions
  7. Full nanotech - full machine phase nanotech - control of matter by intelligence
  8. Self evolution - evolution of self freedom from low level lacks and with the tools to become what we wish to be. Evolution of ability to choose wisely and for the good of self and others.
  • universal basic income and how peoples tortured soul with existential fears and coercion to function for the interests of powerful crippled rich people changes and they all heal.
  • the end of heteronomy and stupid capitalism and the beginning of cooperation, diversity and creativity
  • the end of the destruction of our planet and the beginning of beautiful landscapes everywhere and a variety of different futurist cities with ambience
  • the end of torturing animals and the end of slavery for all living beings
  • digital abundance and knowledge and wisdom for all without limitations
  • the end of two-tier healthcare and the beginning of high medical standards for all solely based on science without disturbance and sabotage caused by pharmalobbyists
  • low -budget spacetravel or space elevator
  • conscious AI that could show us all our flaws and cure humanity and end violence
  • the end of the car- monopoly and the beginning of various transportation- methods with private aircrafts
  • The avaricious energies of another universe’s CMB, and everything leading up to that moment.