What are your goals for 2016

Now we live in the futuristic year of 2016. What do you want to do this year?

I certainly want to create a shiny demo version of Quantified Prestige. Other than that, I’m pretty open to what this new year might bring. :smile:

I have asked for enlightenment, justice, freedom, success, health and happiness. This is in addition to my standing request for world peace, the enlightenment of all beings and a healthy planet.

On a personal level I want my first unicorn startup to take off and make me incredibly wealthy. I want to have a nice wearable computer system and great helper AI software.

I challenge myself to actually learn to program as opposed to knowing about programming.

I want to be living on a self sustaining boat in international waters by the end of the year and print many others for other people.

This would put me in a better position to help people in a more meaningful way.

I just want to pass in my exams

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You can do it! If you can, talk to people who have taken the classes before. Ask what to focus on.