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This article is filled with gaslighting.

Not everyone is an impulsive consumer wanting planned obsolescence. Some people just want their products to run smoothly forever without wasting money on things they DON’T NEED.

Poor people are getting screwed over by modern planned obsolescence. Planned obsolescence was much less worse in the past. Which that helped poor people have better social mobility in regards to socioeconomics. But this modern planned obsolescence is actually making poor people poorer and even homeless in some countries. In America, working class Americans are becoming more impoverished and homeless because of cut-throat leaders controlling our world economically. Modern planned obsolescence is not doing working class Americans any favours. In fact, modern planned obsolescence is making working class Americans live with depression, anxiety, and fear. Because working class Americans are trying to use devices for making ends meet in a country that has increasing wealth inequality attacking poor people. What’s the point of being self-employed at home when your devices fail? Might as well be homeless and starve to death while these wealthy corporation owners live? So far, all computer brands are screwing over customers with stupid bots in unhelpful customer support services or lying about how they will repair devices. So, poor people might as well give up and die while these wealthy corporation owners survive instead?

Otherwise, the universities are evilly getting the best devices without any planned obsolescence nonsense.

These popular smartphones are allowing ultra-wealthy big brothers to spy on people for oligarchically political control. It has nothing to do with respect, democracy, freedom, justice, and letting people have options. It’s about oligarchy and slavery with planned obsolescence to help these ultra-wealthy oligarchs become wealthier while making our world burn.

This article is just pandering to the gaslighting attitude that ultra-wealthy oligarchs have towards their enslaved customers trained for impulsive consumption of products via planned obsolescence. This article does not show empathy to people suffering from global warming, poverty, homelessness, and psychologically unstable minds because of planned obsolescence. This article does not speak for people wanting products to last forever because they do not want global warming. This article does not show the harsh reality that most people are getting screwed over while ultra-wealthy imperialists get wealthier with their dehumanizing military-industrial complex, online surveillance, censorship, sweatshops, indoctrinating institutions disguised as schools to train kids into being wage slave consumer idiots, mainstream media, and finally… planned obsolescence.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, Tidal, PayPal, eBay, Amazon, H.P, Dell, Asus, L.G, Samsung, and many other businesses don’t have reliable customer service. Some of them steal money from customers after they cancel their subscriptions. I don’t trust schools, businesses, and people promoting them. It’s pretty sad how international societies are financially supporting thievocracy from businesses stealing money from people without imprisonment.

The “Welcome Back” message on websites and restaurants is dumb. Because it presumes that you have already went to them before by jumping to that conclusion. It is a fallacious message. It just proves that society is getting dumber.

Tendies is not short for tenders. It has the same amount of letters that tenders does.

I find deer not having a formally plural word like deers shows intellectual laziness and mathematical disorganization in regards to high quality literacy.

I am convinced the English language was created by sexist men who were too lazy to make female words be properly shown in sentences. I will show why. Here is a sentence:

I contact him from his email address.

Notice how him and his are different words.

Now, look at this sentence:

I contact her from her email address.

Notice how her is a word repeated two times.

It shows logical inconsistency in English grammer regarding female and male words. I blame men for doing this.

If there was logical consistency, the sentence would look like this:

I contact her from hers email address.

Forums that have a rule against necroposting are ridiculous.