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What are you listening/watching? Culture sharing experiment


(Michael Hrenka) #81

The Intelligence Explosion

This is actually not really bad. And that’s surprising!

(Michael Hrenka) #82

Immortal AD Vitam

A pretty wildly imaginative sci-fi movie with some transhumanist themes. Featuring ancient gods, aliens, hybrids, genetic modifications gone haywire, futuristic fasion and especially haircuts, flying cars, New Yorkers keeping doing business as usual anyway.


kenne ich.

die computereffekte sind etwas gealtert, aber ansonsten immer noch sehenswert.

(Michael Hrenka) #84

On rain

Project Pitchfork - Rain

Rain keeps falling down, down
Into the rivers of life
Into the oceans of this world
And back up into the sky

VNV Nation - Solitary

And if rain brings winds of change
Let it rain on us forever