What actually is the state of nanotechnology?

People were really hyped about nanotech from roughly 1980 thru 2003 or so.

After that there seems to have been a total news blackout, except for some chemical catalysts and stuff that used the immense surface area provided by nano-scale particles to increase the rate of reaction many thousands of times. But news of hard nanotechnology seems to have tapered off (squelched?)

Now there is talk like


So what the hell is going on with nanotech? I’ve been more AI focused because it seems to be a longer lever but nanotech is one of the most important future technologies. =|

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What molecular nanotech do we have today? Some nanomachines like wheels and engines, or even toy cars. Theoretically close to being able to create something useful with that, but what exactly? Creating a nanofactory would be great, but that’s still very difficult.

Another kind of nanotechnology is DNA origami. Now that could definitely have interesting medical applications. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were already nanobots that are already quite useful for medicine. Perhaps targeted anti-cancer nanobot technologies already exist. Why don’t we hear about them, then? Maybe cancer is too lucrative as business opportunity to kill? Finding ways to bringing actually effective cancer treatments to market might be much more difficult than people can imagine.

And then we have these rumors about graphene oxide and metallic nanobots that are supposed in some of the C19 vaccines. If this tech has a designated purpose, then it’s probably to connect humans to the Internet of Things in order to track them, and later to install IoT apps in them.

Finally there’s this whole ecosystem of purely natural biological “nanotech” that emerges out of the products of ribosomes. Those products can be encoded with mRNA in order to build proteins and then protein complexes. Lots of useful things could be done with that.

Nanotechnology is definitely there, but it isn’t talked about much in public. I don’t suspect a lot of benign reasons for this kind of silence. Sure, some powerful people could conspire to prevent a grey goo scenario, but I rather doubt that.

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