Welcome to the new Social Future Forum

Welcome to the new Social Future Forum (SFF), the discussion space of the Social Future Metanet, which is a constructive creative collaboration community platform with the goal to improve the world, so that it becomes more social and awesomely futuristic!

Who is the SFF made for?

  • Social Futurists, especially members of Zero State.
  • Technoprogressives
  • Transhumanists
  • World improvers
  • Critical thinkers
  • Interested persons who want to discuss with the groups above

What is the SFF used for?

  • Debating about political goals and how to implement those goals
  • Constructive discussions about grand projects like basic income, direct democracy, longevity, or reputation economy
  • Presenting and analyzing innovative ideas that could make persons, systems, and even the whole world better
  • Contrstructing and deconstructing new and old theories about how the world and stuff works
  • Meeting interesting people and learning about their thoughts
  • Being part of an awesome community full of fascinating persons with social ambitions
  • And having lots of fun in the process :smiley:

Why is it a great idea to be active in the SFF?

  • The SFF is based on the amazing and very advanced Discourse forum software! :open_mouth:
  • While you can meet many people on Facebook, your contributions there will be lost if you don’t transfer them to a platform that doesn’t hide old contents. :sob:
  • You can influence how we do things. Suggest changes and improvements. Or even start your own Social Future project! :rocket:
  • The world needs you! Don’t hide your voice! Become proactive! Just do it! :smile:
  • The more you are active here, the more you can do in this forum as your trust level increases! :sunglasses:

What else is on the Social Future Metanet?

This was the initial welcoming thread of the forum. It is now out of date since the launch of the Fractal Future Network. I’ve opened this thread in case someone wants to comment on the contents for any reason.