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Ways to promote the forum

(Professor J. Moriarty) #41

No. Unless by ‘touching sore spots’ you mean ‘telling people why they’re wrong’.

Yes. Just encouraging people to think and become enlightened. (He was liked by the people that he enlightened)


This paragraph meant the internet can be fast but… fragile… "So having your own copy can be efficient in one’s own way" and not rely on others so much (or someone else’s copy).

I’m sorry about the loss of your content.

I’m not sure why you even mentioned Internet Archive - because I didn’t.
You seem to put words in my mouth to start with 'You may think" and start writing what I may think… but I’d never bring Internet Archive and I think writing about other things, like this, proves distracting in this case. Perhaps have a look how why you arrived to this point after agreeing that information on the internet fragile / volatile… (no need argue it out as I know I didn’t mention it and perhaps in your self you can realise way you inserted this at this point and connected it to your blog loss).

###bonus info
Internet Archive isn’t for backing up blogs. Internet Archive captures a few things or a few versions of mostly popular or mainstream sites or those requested… not everything on a site or blog.
Internet Archive is only available for sites that allow crawlers. If your site said ‘no thanks’ to crawlers then it wouldn’t have crawled your site and respected that.

As you mention it and without going on about it, the best way if you never experienced loss before or didn’t know, is to export a backup of your blog… That way you have control and can managed it, like a hinted to before. These are basics into medium / long-term computing. Backup. A good blog plug-in can do a scheduled captures, say monthly, and export your blog content to zip format (so copying takes less time and archiving is neater).
I hope that helps you and you can avoid loss of your blog / etc in future. If it wasn’t obvious I hope that’s maybe more clearer now so you don’t have to use things like Internet Archive in your examples in a more blaming / disappointed (or whatever ) way when quoting it out of context when it was never made to do what you seem to expect such as running to it and expect it to be “useful at restoring them” or having a backup there waiting for you.

(Tero Keski Valkama) #43

There are other archives in addition to the Wayback Machine. At least the Finnish National Library archives a lot of web pages. Probably all significant libraries do that. They archive pretty much everything, including blogs and stuff, as long as it’s publicly accessible.

(Michael Hrenka) #44

Operation trollface needs to be terminated now. Stop trolling people on various online platforms. Be nice to them. Respect their communication preferences. Please, nothing good will come out of you continuing as you have done so far. People will get annoyed and flee you and all the places and people that are connected to you – including the whole transhumanist community.

(Professor J. Moriarty) #45

That wasn’t even TrollFishing. Moriarty only counter-trolled him. The punk was asking for it. Don’t deny it. He got what he deserved. AND it was a good lesson for those aspiring transhumans.

(Professor J. Moriarty) #46

And if the slack chan gets less popular, like @dw2 said it wood: “Smart kids will look at the quality of the discussion here, and exit fairly quickly”. Then I’ll agree with you that I’ve made a mistake. But it won’t. It will get more popular. Humans love drama. (In any case, the Chan was dead before Moriarty decided he wood revive it, 2 woods ago. So what Moriarty built, Moriarty can destroy. That’s only fair. People can fork and make a ‘no-Moriarties club’ if they want. I will even help them do it. But they won’t, cos they need him.

And in case anyone is pissed with Moriarty: IT WAS ALL MICHALES IDEA. MICHEAL MADE MORIARTY (I can prove it).