Wai H. Tsang - Fractal Brain Theory

Has anyone heard of Wai Tsang and his work on the Fractal Brain Theory? Here are some links to his work (a video interview, article on Fractal Brain Theory and its application along with his website):



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Ok, I’ve watched the video. It’s very interesting stuff he talks about. There’s a mild level of “woo” (excursions into “paranormal”, mystical, and metaphysical stuff – which is actually fun for me, because I love the challenge of recombining and synthesizing that stuff with rationality) in it, but I’m comfortable with that.

What I really like is to have some kind of genetic approach to get to a simulated brain: Don’t see the brain as already finished object that you model an AI on, but try to understand and model the iterative / recursive / fractal genesis / growth / development of the brain. And by doing that reducing / compressing the complexity of the brain to the complexity contained in one single neuron, or just its DNA.

Wai H. Tsang seems to be a really cross disciplinary big picture thinker. In that he reminds me of Ben Goertzel, who is really my big hero in the realm of intellectual ingenuity.

Haven’t come to read the linked texts, though. The video was enough to take in for this first day!

And welcome to the Fractal Future Forum, Svarg! :smile: