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Wafcoin: Legalization is the cornerstone for long-term development

Wafcoin token trading platform has always insisted that in order to achieve long-term development, in order to gain the trust of users, the premise is to be compliant and legal. Therefore, wafcoin was fully prepared when it was founded: registered in the Virgin Islands, a token trading platform with dual licenses.

The Wafcoin Operations Management Center is headquartered in Australia. It has independent operation teams in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, India and other countries and regions. It is a professional and global token trading service provider.

Wafcoin’s core team is from the world’s leading Internet and financial companies, including early WAC, ETH participants, Wall Street quantitative trading team, Yamplat trading system architect; and the United States Fuyuan Fund, Singapore Federal Fund, WBCC co-sponsored, it has rich experience in technology development and global operation in the field of token. With its own development of the core dealmaking system and the extremely smooth user experience, we are committed to creating a fast, secure, free, autonomous, efficient and transparent innovative community global token trading platform for each user, to become a community organization that truly common, co-governs, and shares.

In fact, the importance of legalization is not only manifested at the level of the exchange, but the entire encryption field is also seeking legalization of development.

Recently, according to a senior official of the Ukrainian Central Bank, too many regulators are interfering with the prospects for the successful development of Ukraine’s cryptocurrency. The banker insists that the industry needs appropriate regulations and laws to grow.

Mikhail Vidyakin, head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU)'s key strategy and reform department, believes that the main problem of legalizing digital assets is institutional. There are too many regulators responsible for regulating the industry, and cryptocurrencies have not been regulated and defined by Ukrainian law.

In October 2018, the Ukrainian parliament announced a new concept of regulation. According to the document, Ukraine will fully legalize the cryptocurrency in two phases over the next three years. The legal status of cryptocurrency transactions should be determined in 2019. Cryptographic wallet providers and regulatory platforms will be regulated in 2021.

It is believed that with the continual establishment of the legalization of cryptocurrencies, Wafcoin, which has obtained legal status, will usher in greater development!