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WA Token - the winter jasmine of the coin circle

Today my friend told me that the flowers of their family are in bloom, which means spring is coming! In the cold winter, in the face of the roller coaster-like price of bitcoin , who can tell me when the winter jasmine of the coin circle will open?


In late December, the bitcoin market experienced the ice and fire. At 23:33 on the evening of the 24th, after the continuous rebound of Bitcoin, it hit a monthly high of 4,239 dollars. After repeatedly challenging $4,400 and failed, it opened the downtrend mode. It fell below $4,000, $3,900 and $3,800. As of writing, Bitcoin quoted at $3,540.

Other mainstream coins have also reversed the 24 major gains. Affected by this, the total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market fell to about 132.7 billion US dollars, it was down nearly 10 billion US dollars from the same period of yesterday, but the 24-hour trading volume remained high, staying above 25 billion US dollars.

BCH and BSV led the decline of mainstream coins, with a 24-hour drop of nearly 16% and 13%. ETH also quickly fell back from the high level, yesterday okex quoted a maximum of more than $159. Although ETH rebounded slightly around 3:00 in the morning, it eventually lost and became fall. At the time of writing, it was quoted at 132.4 US dollars, which is still falling.

The leeks are already confused and disoriented, cry! Cry! This is not a sin.

I don’t know if you have found out that no matter how bitcoin rises and falls,there is always a asset face the wind and scorn the coin circle.


It is platform token WA issued by the first platform in the world to have dual-license in Virgin Islands,Wafcoin (WA) token trading platform. The platform launches the WA ecological program, which is both a representative of the Wafcoin platform’s stake and a representative of WA’s ecological stake. It can efficiently and reliably implement proof of stake represented by tokens, including circulation, dividends, and voting-based community governance functions, which are the basis for building a future token economy.

The global ecological program will focus on market investors, miners, project parties, trading users, media and other partners, focusing on project incubation, community matrix and other landing application ecological scenarios, to achieve the diversified layout of the platform WA and the continued growth of investment value.

There is a chill in the spring air, and as the winter jasmine of the coin circle, WA has shown us the hope and vitality!

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