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WA tells you: the cold is a crisis, but also a turn for the better

History is a mirror, and now the blockchain is like the Internet 20 years ago.

When the Internet bubble began more than 20 years ago, countless people escaped from the Internet and thought that Internet technology was a big bubble. At that time, many Internet companies went bankrupt and no one cared about stocks. Warren Buffett once scoffed at the stocks of Internet technology companies. But who can now question the greatness of Internet technology? After the “Phoenix Nirvana”, many world famous Internet companies were born: Google, facebook, Apple, youtube, Tencent, Alibaba…

The blockchain industry suffered a “cold wave” in this winter, and it was timely and came at the right time. Because many speculators, air coins, blockchain scams will be eliminated in this “cold wave”, the survival of the fittest is an everlasting rule of nature. This is the same as the Internet bubble more than 10 years ago. After the phoenix nirvana, the blockchain industry will soon be reborn after the fire.

WA that is “curving overtaking”

When the blockchain industry encounters a “cold wave”, we must open up the market bubble, avoid the air currency, and From the perspective of value investment, strive to “treasure hunting”.

Under such a “cold wave”, the WA that is “overtaking” will be your Sweet little cotton-padded jacket! Why? There are three reasons:

(1) The world’s first blockchain eco-transaction co-government platform

Wafcion International ( is registered in the British Virgin Islands and is a dual-licensed legal token trading platform. Its headquarters are in Australia,there are independent operations teams in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, India and other countries and regions.

Wafcion will create a fast, secure, transparent and efficient trading experience for the global users on the platform. The ODAT (Offline Dynamic Acceleration Technology) offline acceleration technology with independent intellectual property rights will be used to develop the full cold license package, which can protect the premise of user card under the premise of providing efficient circulation, trading system can achieve stable handling of 200 million grade dealmaking per second; bank-level security encryption and multi-signature hot and cold isolation token wallet to ensure the security of all users’ token.

(2) Based on the 4th generation blockchain technology, it is safe and reliable

Technically, WA is using block chain 4.0 technology, far ahead of the third generation block chain technology, WA will be several orders of magnitude higher in processing transactions than Ethereum. First, WA uses an enhanced DPOS consensus mechanism that can achieve 10,000 transactions per second under more demanding test conditions; in addition, WA will use parallel processing technology to scale transactions to millions of times per second. WA will provide users with complete, account creation, virtual asset creation, asset transfer, confirmation, pledge, transaction, and witness functions, and achieve decentralized autonomy.

(3) Wide room for appreciation of WA

In order to make WA more attractive, the future WA will join hands with industry partners and their technology suppliers to explore the development direction of the industry blockchain, and realize the scenes in the aspects of cross-border payment, international e-commerce cooperation, global real estate, and immigration. . As the value of WA continues to rise, the value of WA continues to grow.

Join WA to co-construct and co-share a win-win situation

In that “cold wave” of the blockchain industry, but the WA team continues to “fight”. Each of our WA members believes that the blockchain will stand on the top of technology. We believe that the vision of“decentralization” is beginning from WA and became a reality step by step.

WA welcomes people from all over the world to join in co-constructing and co-sharing a win-win situation. Let us work together to create a new world of “Life is free, the world is interlinked.”