WA: Creates another myth of bitcoin

At the end of 2017, Bitcoin ushered in the most glorious moment. The price of a bitcoin soared to $1,564, nearly 150,000 yuan. However, after the opening of 2018, it ushered in a suffocating rapid shock, in a year, fell from heaven to hell.

On the last day of 2018, Bitcoin ushered in a price of $3779.5, which is 80% of its peak value. After the plunge, it was followed by the unfortunate news of jumping off a building. A South Korean university student committed jump suicide after failing to invest in Bitcoin.

Although with the plunge, Bitcoin has had a certain impact on the market economy after all. Due to the emergence of Bitcoin, new markets and profit models have been created, and the corresponding electronic products have been further innovated. Bitcoin is a global currency that is operated entirely by the Internet and will not be interfered by governments. At the same time, Bitcoin, as a kind of full-bodied currency, does not have the same distinction as the physical currency. It does not incur any expenses in the process of currency exchange, so it will inevitably impact the real currency.

Regarding the future trend of Bitcoin, everyone has their own opinions. Some people think that bitcoin will definitely surpass real money. Some people think that bitcoin is a bubble, and it will burst sooner or later.

In fact, even if Bitcoin falls below $4,000, it is no longer a time when only one pizza for a bitcoin. Bitcoin is now a game for the rich.

So, what good value investment options are there in the bear market?

WA from the bear market is the current value investment choice.

WA is a platform token issued by the Wafcoin token trading platform. Founded in 2018, the Wafcoin platform is the world’s first exchange with a dual license in the Virgin Islands. After years of continuous research and exploration by its operations team, Wafcoin has evolved into a comprehensive trading platform focused on providing token and its derivative investment services.

Platform-token WA has the advantages of entering with zero capital, getting profit without capital risk, and the number of issues will never increase, and has reached a deep strategic cooperation with the world’s first cross-border e-commerce Newbuy Mall, which supports token settlement, to accelerate the landing of payment application. Recently, WA has taken a new move to become a new type of token asset for a new generation of commercial applications, and to create a financial payment and circulation tool based on the field scenario as the application carrier, looking for better solutions between token investors and investment immigration, travel services. In the end, it will outline a decentralized economic ecological circle of investment migration and tourism value, accelerate the application of the token in the financial industry and commerce, and become a leader in the development of new types of token.

WA will create the next myth of bitcoin.