Ventings About Unprofessional Habits That People Have

One unprofessional habit is not writing words fully and using initials instead. Not everyone speaks every language natively. So, stop being unprofessional when typing in initials rather than full words.

I am tired of these unprofessional people who say bio instead of autobio. Bio needs to be short for biography. Autobio needs to be short for autobiography. Autobiography and biography have different definitions. I refuse to speak with people who say bio instead of autobio, because they are too lazy to talk properly. I’m not wasting my brain cells on their unprofessional behavior.

I am tired of people not writing with formal language in professional settings. Formal language requires you to write with punctuations in proper places. This includes periods and/or question marks at the end of your sentences. Facebook or TikTok where you talk with your friends is fine without formal language. But professional settings require you to write like you are literate enough to write professionally. Not like you are writing in a Facebook group with your friends where punctuation does not matter. It’s pretty cringeworthy to know younger generations are making companies increasingly unprofessional with this lack of formal language.

Considering how billionaire oligarchs are turning future generations into human cattle that are barely smart through increasing wealth inequality and impulsive consumerism, I’m not surprised modern parents don’t create competent workers anymore. Instead, you get these dumb people on TikTok videos doing environmentally unsustainable mukbang videos that cause droughts, food shortage, etc. Instead of doing things on an environmentally sustainable level, these future generations are doing low I.Q. behavior that benefits billionaire oligarchs profiting from this impulsive consumerism.

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms are controlled by America and China’s oligarchs who are making future generations dumber. America’s oligarchs make future generations dumber by turning people into poorly educated and intellectually lazy war criminals that are hardly professional by blackmailing lower-class citizens with poverty. China’s oligarchs make future generations dumber by making them give up their online anoynmity more easily to government authorities by banning V.P.N.s. Not a very professional era, this is.