Veggie food stamps for everyone

I just had the idea that it would be cool to give out special food stamps for everyone, so that you can only buy fresh or frozen veggies with them.


  • Veggies are about the only class of food that virtually everyone agrees is really healthy
  • It would make people buy more veggies and thus improve their health
  • It might also lower the aversion of people to eat healthily
  • That would hopefully lower healthcare costs
  • Also, healthier people think and work better, so it would probably be good for politics, the economy, and society in general
  • It might support local agriculture
  • It could be a part of a universal basic income program
  • Everyone getting food stamps would reduce the stigma that is associated with using food stamps (people who really don’t want to use them could sell them to those who are really interested, but it would be effectively a loss for the seller)

What do you think about that proposal?