User trust levels for the SFF

This Discourse based forum has trust levels for users which range from 0 to 4. The higher the trust level of a user, the more functions she can use!

I’ve set the forum up so that new users already start at level 1 and invited users start at level 2!

Here are the requirements and privileges for the different levels (these are the forum defaults which I haven’t changed yet):

Level 1: (currently not relevant, because new users already start out at level 1)

  • Must have written 5 posts
  • Must have read 30 posts
  • Must have spent 10 minutes in the forum

Users at level 1 can:

  • Send private messages
  • Upload images and attachments
  • Flag posts
  • Be free from some posting related restrictions that level 0 users have

Level 2:

  • Must have written 20 posts
  • Must have read 100 posts
  • Must have spent 60 minutes in the forum
  • Must have visited the forum on 15 different days
  • Must have recieved at least 1 like
  • Must habe given at least 1 like
  • Must have made 3 replies

Users at level 2 can:

  • Edit wiki posts
  • Invite other users to a topic
  • Add other users to private messages, thus creating private group messages!

Level 3: This level is special in the sense that you can be demoted from it through inactivity or for other reasons. The basic requirements for level 3 are:

  • Must have viewed 200 threads
  • Must have read 500 posts

And here are all the criteria that must be met within the last 100 days to reach and maintain level 3:

  • Must have visited the forum on 50 days (out of the last 100)
  • Must have made 10 replies
  • Must have read 25 threads
  • Must have read 25 posts
  • Must have received 20 likes
  • Must have given 30 likes
  • Must not have more than 5 own posts flagged by others

A promotion to level 3 lasts at leasts for 14 days. After that, it is possible for the user to be automatically demoted again.

Users at level 3 can:

  • Recategorize and rename any topic
  • Access the private “Lounge” category!
  • Have all their links followed (this is relevant for “search engine optimization (SEO)” of the linked pages)

Level 4: This level can only be reached by being appointed manually. It’s a kind of “soft” moderator status.