True Believers

So, I’m sat in a pub with everyone watching a football match. Not my natural environment (hence my posting to the forum while everyone gets excited by the latest ref’s call).

This has me thinking - again - about the need for True Believers. People driven by emotion, aesthetics, and tribal loyalty rather than rationality. F3 obviously needs people like this - large numbers of them - but right now we are very much in the intellectual “cat herding” stage.

So, not for the first time of course, I’m wondering…

Is this attitude profoundly and horribly Wrong?

What elements need to be in place to inspire such “loyalist” behaviour?

How do we bridge the gap between planning/intellectualism and this exercise in community/army building?

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If we were an army, if we believed that we were an army…

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And, which is more, you’ll be a transhu man, my son.

O Captain, my Captain