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Transhumanism is the real solution, answer, & key for real Progress for Humanity / Mankind 's better future

Hi, I’m a truthseeker & freethinker from Indonesia.

The more I learn & see the everyday’s reality (especially about
people / Humans / Humanity / Society / Mankind ), the more I’m sure that
Transhumanism is the real solution / answer / key for the REAL progress
for our Humanity / Mankind 's better future.

The main reason why we progress very slow (& even in some aspects
are still backwards / stuck / retarded) I firmly believe is because
sadly/unfortunately Humans are IRRATIONAL being / creature.

There are only VERY FEW real smart, intelligent, &
critical-thinking humans / people in this world / planet , as well as
the real honest, emphatic / empathy , wise , & brave / courageous
people / humans.

Sadly , majority of people / society are either ignorant , dumb ,
stupid , simple-minded , gullible , selfish and can’t think for

And the worst of all is when all these ‘robots / machines’ are being
controlled by also only FEW yet VERY POWERFUL , greedy , evil , bad
people / humans ‘Elites’ (ie: the ‘top 1%’ ) , who are selfish , &
have NEGATIVE / BAD ambitions , goals , vision , purpose , & plans
that will destroy Humanity / Mankind and also the environment & the
planet .

It is really sad of how today / nowadays , almost everything is about
MONEY only . Capitalism have failed in many ways now , and I’m sure
that some (or even perhaps many) of you know what I’m really talking
about here.

So in conclusion, that’s why I think that if we , Humanity / Mankind /
Humans Civilization really want the REAL Progress , then we must
TRANSCEND beyond this stupid & limiting biological , emotional ,
& primordial Human Nature , and the real answer / real key / real
solution therefore is : Transhumanism / Transhumanist / Transhuman
project .

What do you all think ?
And also, what we must DO then , to turn it into reality ?

thank you.

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Hi, welcome to the Fractal Future Forum. Thanks for your introduction! :slight_smile:

I used to share that point of view, too. In reality, it’s a bit of an oversimplification. Even our irrational thinking and behaviour have their purposes, even though they are rarely understood. After all, we are bound by causality and guided by our evolutionary psychology. It may be more accurate to say that we don’t understand ourselves and the systems we live in / have built for ourselves good enough. We are not very good at being smart and wise. That’s what we need to improve most, I think. Understanding the real problem is the most crucial part of solving it.

Yes, that’s indeed a problem. Finding those people isn’t easy at all. And they are spread all over the globe, so the local density of these people is frustratingly low. My hope is to bring some of those people together in the Fractal Future community, so we can share our thoughts and feelings online. That’s the basis for any further ambitions.

We all have those parts in ourselves, whether we like that or not, and whether we accept that or not. It’s our responsibility to cope with our human flaws and try to become better.

It’s not necessary to have negative ambitions. Simply not caring too much about the negative consequences of one’s actions suffices for creating a lot of harm. And your statement is a bit of a generalisation. Some members of the “elites” do have an ethical consciousness and are pretty smart. The problem is that there are not enough of them.

Yes, the focus on increasing profits above all else is a real problem. The world would be a much more hopeful and inspiring place, if people focused on solving real problems, instead.

I totally agree with you here. We need to improve ourselves with technology. The interesting question is: What do we need to improve exactly, and how do we improve it?

First of all, we should find out what we need to do to create a better world. Then we need to raise awareness about the best goals and strategies. The next step would be collecting resources, coming together. Finally, we would work on the projects that bring us closer to a desirable future.

Lastly, some minor remarks on your writing style:

  • Emphasizing words by writing them in CAPITALS is problematic, because it’s often considered to be the analogue to shouting in real life. A better option would be to use the “b” (bold)" or “i” (italics) buttons in the text editor (mark the text and then press the desired button).
  • You insert spaces before interpunctuation like “,”, “.”, or “?”. That’s against the usual writing standard. Spaces usually only go after those interpunctuation signs.
  • You use slashes “/” a lot. Occasional use is fine, but you use those quite a lot. Using “or” or “and” instead, would make the text seem more “natural”.

Granted, these points are not very irritating, but they add up to a “slightly unconventional” impression. :hushed:

Thanks for your thoughts. :slight_smile: