Today I felt it would be worthwhile to discuss how our culture will necessarily have to change to adapt to transhumanism. While this subject is vitally important to understanding how a major part of our civilization will need to evelove, serious discussion of proto-transhumanist topics such as transgenderism and related has been outlawed or punished with Dire Consequences ™. This really sucks. The primary drivers behind this so-called movement seem to be:

  • The depopulation agenda involving chemical castrations and surgical sterilizations.
  • the use of transgenderism as a tool of cultural oppression. Among other things, it puts people outside of the cult on the ropes and forces them to defend what should be basic givens of civilized life such as segregated bathrooms.
  • Cultural vandalism, instead of maknig life beatiful and awesome, the real asshats of the world want to make it repulsive and broken.

Before anything can get better, we require the right to call a faggot a faggot and a dyke a dyke. A direct benefit of allowing proper criticism in this way we can have an open and critical discussion of what the requirements of a “successful” gender transition actually is. Only by having this discussion can technology actually advance.

But, turn the page, things are different. At a fundemental level, knowing how a technology will work is equivalent to having that technology. So given the assumption that we will be able to do more things, easier in the future. The constraints of logic, math, and physics will remain. There are also metaphysical unkowns. While I consider myself to be a monist and have a low opinion of dualists, the possibility of some form of dualism is not strongly excluded yet. A number of the thinkers I respect do believe in a form of dualism. (if it is not excluded, then we require a technology to work with minds on the other plane whatever that actually is…)

What I’m getting at is that within broad but well delineated margins you will probably be able to get to be whatever your deviant little heart desires. Today it is a lie to say there are more (or less) than two genders. In the future gender (or even individuality) will be either a preserved or discarded concept. Either way it will be a choice. For exactly the same reason I oppose the current cult of transgenderism. I also oppose future conservative movements to try to enforce conventions about gender and the discreteness of the individual when those charactoristics truly do become variables. There is a fuzzy boundry between the two states but problems don’t truly arise until you try to force things to be one way or another.

It is somewhat appealing to imagine having your own astaroid-base or just using VR. But living with other people requires a culture that regulates behavior and, by extension, physical expression to what is generally acceptable. I expect quite a few people would wish to live outside those limits and use VR or live in enclaves that have diferent mores. That is not to say that the culture that will evolve in response to transhumanism will necessarily be healthy. Indeed, the current culture is profoundly unhealthy. Whether you attribute that to CIA media manipulation or what, the fact remains that the majority of the population has allowed the culture to decay to the point where it does not even support the family with dire impacts on the birth rate and many other unspoken consequences. (Ref: The Culture War)

Because this is an F^3 post, lets stay with the future orientation. One of the greatest fears about the robot apocalypse is not the value alignment problem or whatever you want to call “friendliness” these days but rather that the AI systems will be too well engineered and perform exactly as intended. This is a problem because of the way humans work. Humans are at their best when they are in pain, or under stress. Their minds become sharper, brainwave frequencies go up, they become more observant, ingenious, creative, dilligent, and courageous. When humans (or basically any animal) gets blissed out, all of those things are lost, the proverbial computer goes into a halt state and that’s that… That is the true danger of AI. Nature has everything rigged just about right where we are on a “hedonic treadmill” we are always reasonably well motivated to move forward. If we weren’t making any progress we would stop and just suicide or something. If we “got there” then we would basically fall apart. That’s the direction we are going in. The liberals seem to be there already, they are certainly doing things that are objectively insane and are jeapordizing everything.

Logically we want a “healthy” civilization based on logic and reason that provides citizens with a reasonable amount of elbow room for ‘play’ but still advances forward and continues to develop, learn, and accomplish things.

I’m not quite sure where this leaves us, it’s just a very important thing to think about after the Great Reset collapses in on itself and is replaced by “The Storm”.

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I would say boomers, generation Xers, and millenials all born into wealthy enough families are what caused this C.I.A. psyop that is putting international zoomers into a hellhole.

Many zoomers are experiencing an economic crisis globally that boomers, generation Xers, and millenials born into wealthy enough families caused for extorting their wealth.

Unfortunately, wealthy elites have existed for thousands of years. They are the ones who created oppression and slavery. Slavery and oppression have evolved for thousands of years. They never went away.

^ Mandatory conscription in military service is slavery. It’s also a human right violation. Which is why refugees escape Israel for avoiding military service, because they do not want to work as military workers. Speaking of military workers. Requiring unwilling people to register drafts for military service is slavery. It’s a human right violation, too. Which is why refugees have fled to countries not requiring draft registrations.

I get tired of people talking about freedom. Freedom only exists if you are a cisgender man from very upper-class society, also known as the 1% last time I checked.

C.I.A. agents are modern slavers who enslave people through psychological, economic, and class warfare. Julian Assange exposed these C.I.A. war criminals. But Julian Assange is imprisoned for exposing those war criminals. It proves that slavery never went away.

Like I mentioned before. I get tired of people talking about freedom. These oligarchs don’t care about human rights, peace, compassion, and honesty. They only care about profit, power, control, and themselves. It’s been that way for thousands of years. Slavery, oppression, elites, narcissism, greed, and other things created by humans have all evolved for thousands of years. They never went away. So, I get tired of people talking about freedom. A reason for that is human nature opens Pandora’s box.

I’ll stop getting tired of people talking about freedom when it actually exists.

I’m talking about this information, because it shows where humans have been heading for thousands of years before transhumanism can come into fruition properly without billionaire oligarchs hindering progress. Humans have not been ready for transhumanism entirely for thousands of years considering the human specie is intellectually challenged mostly. Humans did not evolve to have most people be high I.Q. geniuses. Instead, humans have evolved to have most people be dumber than the smaller amount of high I.Q. geniuses. This is why Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, William Sidis, and other high I.Q. geniuses from different countries worldwide are rare, not common. This is why creating new ideas, technologies, and such are hard, not easy. Also, you have billionaire oligarchs oppressing people into an economic crisis, endless wars, and an environmentally unsustainable business model right now.

This economic crisis, these endless wars, and that environmentally unsustainable business model are all causing future generations to suffer more than older billionaire oligarchs have. Future generations are getting more human rights violations that keep them oppressed rather than liberated. Billionaire oligarchs are doing their best to monopolize the food supply, water supply, media companies, corporations, tech companies, and international trade policies through profitable human rights violations. Which is why future generations are going to have dystopian and Orwellian living conditions internationally that keep these billionaire oligarchs in power. Mass surveillance from internet service providers is a weapon that these billionaire oligarchs use to spy on their slaves. Mass surveillance from internet service providers is an Orwellian human right violation.

I am only pointing out the messed-up-ness of most people’s situation to prove how hard this transhumanism mission will be. Billionaire oligarchs are doing their best to destroy people’s lives for profit rather than making everyone and everything improved.

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