TPV Membership in TP Global

Important Communication from TPG’s Amon Twyman


I’ve mentioned a couple of times that there will need to be a process by which we distinguish actual active national groups, and inactive “ghost groups” (no matter how well intentioned they may be). Clearly we shouldn’t be dictating specific goals, strategies or policies to the different national groups (this is a decentralised movement after all), but at the same time a certain level of momentum must be ensured or the movement will fail, so here’s what will happen:

As you hopefully know, is now the home of the TPG wiki, and there is an editable information page for every single group represented in here. Most of those pages have not been touched by anyone but me, and so only contain the barest of placeholder information. That was acceptable for a while, but the longer it continues to be the case, the worse things look (and are).

We are nearly at the end of June; i.e. 6 months since this ball got rolling. You have one more month - until the end of July - to come up with some basic (but accurate, informative, and ideally interesting) information about your group. That information should give us a sense of your group’s current status, and your initial goals. Later, you are responsible for seeing that someone in your group updates that information accordingly, so we know if goals etc have been met.

It doesn’t matter if your current status and goals are extremely meagre. What matters is that you give a clear sense of status. how people can get involved, and what you intend to do next (and by when). That opens the way to progress and development, even from the most basic starting point, and at the slowest rate of development.

This is the minimum acceptable level of effort and organisation for a recognised TPG group. All groups that cannot muster this level of activity by the end of July will be unceremoniously removed from the wiki, and its representatives removed from the reps mailing list, and we’ll wait to see if more active people step up from those countries, later.

This message is also going out to the various TP Facebook groups, so other group members may see it and decide to step up. If group members feel that their country should be represented but their apparent representative isn’t up to the task, then they should feel encouraged to use their national-level Facebook group to elect or appoint a new representative in whatever way that group sees fit, and get in touch to let us know:

Dr. M. Amon Twyman BSc, MSc Hons, DPhil
Transhumanist Party UK Party Leader

You might also mention that TPV consists of the Facebook group and this area of the F3. Both media can be used, depending on the preferences of the users. After all, this is an open area. Normal TPV members can post here, too. Maybe they even should be encouraged to do so. But if even most of the official admins are silent here, then things might not look terribly inviting at the moment. Anyway, it’s a bootstrapping problem. If you can get some active people to post in the forum regularly, then this activity will attract more people.

People who come because they are interested are key.

Yes, certainly. But interested in what exactly? And what do you wish to do with that interest? Setting clear goals might be advantageous.