This strange interstitial time

Most balls (rubber ball, baseball or anythig of the kind) spend most of their time on a shelf or in a box or something. OK.

One day you see that the ball has been taken out and thrown into the air. Seeing this, you look around and notice that there is a guy/dog or whatever at the other end of the field waiting to catch it. He is in the right position and seems to be ready. You look at the ball and see that it is on course but it seems to be moving unnaturally slowly. You look down, check your watch, then look back up on the ball. It has made a little progress but you aren’t really sure. You throw down a blanket and pull a sandwitch out. You finish the sandwitch and yes the ball has made progress towards either being caught or, possibly, hitting the ground, but it hasn’t done either yet. The catcher seems to be getting a bit nervous, he’s fidgeting, not sure what to do. You check the ball again and it’s still airborne. You think to yourself, what an odd time to be alive…

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Still a better user experience than throwing the ball with near lightspeed.

Welcome to 2022, the apocalypse of the surreal.