There Oughta be a Law

In this topic, please state some Law (that is, a code or ordinance) that would somehow make the world a better place if it were brought to fruition in practice. I will start…

There oughta be a Law that all corporations engaged in retail or wholesale business in the U.S. of A. must be considering new products brought forward by members of the public at all times; and that this office and officer be easily locatable and listed alongside the corporations officers.


Whomever and wherever these people are - the people that decide what products are on the shelves where you buy - they are seldom easily located. We imagine that they must meet occasionally in a secret underground lair wearing hooded robes and vestments in corporate colors; and that this is the only indicator of their identities. Why they meet, they are not sure, for they are forbidden from discussing any business while in groups… Once, a single videographer did trace them back to this place. How he made it out is unclear, but we have the tapes. They appear to venerate some kind of a bird in their dark rites with no purpose other than the manufacture, distribution, and sale of product through global and regional networks.

I propose a more modern system.