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The Universal Upgrade

The Universal Upgrade is my concept of the transition from a civilization using technology towards a civilization in which species have merged with technology to reach an Upgraded World in which about everything will be upgraded in some form or another.

Please read my blog post The Universal Upgrade – An Introduction to get the full picture of what’s involved.

Let me just briefly summarize how an Upgraded World would look like. There are three upgrades that lead us to an Upgraded World:

  1. A Personal Upgrade: You can do almost anything. This includes the optionality of suffering (switching it off via neural interfaces and implants), complete and persistent self-repair (advanced nanotechnology), direct semantic communication (telepathic communication not requiring any words), and travel to habitats outside of Earth (large space stations, living inside of asteroids, or on other planets).
  2. A Social Upgrade: Your wellbeing is secured. How? With sentient rights (all sentient beings have basic rights, some have more rights than others), full morphological freedom (you can change your body and mind radically), social mobility (there are no roadblocks for personal development and upwards mobility), and an information commonwealth (information is abundant and free).
  3. And an Environmental Upgrade: The world is alive. With a “Hypernet” enabling global telepathic/empathic communication (using neural implants for example), a pervasive responsive environment (you can talk with trees for real, and they talk back), an a replicator grid (Star Trek replicators everywhere will 3d-print everything you want). And it’s all sustainable for billions of years (gogo, nuclear fusion).

Is there something important I have forgotten?

What else would you want?

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