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The state of being doomed

One of the frustrating things about being me is that for reasons not entirely clear to me, I tend to think about things roughly six months before people are ready to understand them. =\

I would like people to, after November of this year (2021), take the posts I have made since returning to the forum about two years ago and filter them down to where I discussed social or political topics and then tell me what I could have done better to communicate my points. =\

Anyway, my message for people in the October-December time frame is that it really sucks that many of you will realize that you are now doomed. =( I am not one of the people who wanted that to happen. But, hear this, while you still have your faculties and are still reasonably able bodied, there is one thing you can do for the human race. The state of being doomed is, in a perverse way, a kind of super power. It means that you are utterly immune from human retribution. What can the possibly do to you? Throw you in jail for 20 years? They have already done their worst. There is nothing more they can do! I beg you! Use this opportunity to make sure that the Guilty will not escape Justice. You have no reason not to and the people who still have a chance for a future need the guilty out of their way or it is only going to get Worse. It was not my choice but taking as many of those mofos out with you is the best thing you can do at this point.

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In this rotten excuse for a world
At the bottom of the dustbin of history
Let’s just try and pretend
That our corpses still have some class

mgła - Age of Excuse V

what is worse: that you realize you are doomed, or that you realize, that you didn´t realize, that you were already doomed your whole life?

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You are right. If someone truly believes he is doomed, he has nothing to lose so he could do anything. Very liberating and powerful.

What do you think: When Covid was announced how many people had the same thought? “Humanity is doomed. We will all die from a killer virus.” My guess is: More than 1000 people in every country.

The thin line that divides both is truth. The person who really knows that she is doomed and is right is different from the person who only believes she is doomed but mistaken. The power is the same, the liberating effect as well, but the consequences are not. The person who uses her “superpower” but is mistaken will end up as a tragic figure.

The true challenge in this global information war is to find the truth.

The doomsday-scenario, what you believe is coming, could only be:

  • The vaccines are a time bomb that will kill every vaccinated person within 3 years and every unvaccinated person who came into contact with vaccinated persons and recieve the spike protein because of shedding. This means every human being on the surface of earth will die soon. 2024 humanity will be gone.

  • How could anyone survive this? But if it is possible that 500 million people - like the georgia guidestones recommend - will survive, those people will be treated worse than cattle. They lose everything they possess, they will be concentrated in few big cities, in appartments without windows, will recieve one or more implanted chips to surveil and control them completely - including their thoughts and feelings and their health -, will be poisoned constantly to reduce their vitality, their ability to think and their life expectancy, so they will never be able to pose any threat to the ruling elite, again.

I believe this dooms-day-scenario is roughly the agenda 2030. Depopulation und complete control.

But there is one question that puzzles me:

How is it possible that a constantly growing number of people could see this plan clearly?

The elite ruled the world for at least 100 years if not thousands of years. And only a few outsiders knew what they were up to. Because - besides innovative technologies they hide from humanity - the control over information is their greatest power. They always needed sheep which believe that everything is alright and the people in power are good people. They always needed sheeple who let them off the hook and blame other sheeple for everything that went wrong in the world. The elite has no interest in telling people what their plans are. Only in form of propaganda that looks more like utopia, highly ethical and desirable. They need the people on board. Especially when they plan something devastating like agenda 2030.

But masses of people are waking up around the world. The people realize who THEY are. The country that will lead the way will be the united states. Is it part of the agenda to let the people see massive voter fraud? Is it part of the agenda to let the people see that vaccines are not trustworthy? Is it part of the agenda to let the people see that the NIH funded gain-of-fuction research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology? Is it part of the agenda to let the people see the nursing home scandal, the Hunter Biden Laptop, the border crisis, the false flag of january 6, the deliberate destruction of the economy and so on and so forth…

This sounds highly imbecile to me that the elite would show the people all their plans, their corruption, their lies and their crimes before the great reset and the completion of their agenda.
If you have an explanation, i´m all ears.

My explanation is: agenda 2030 failed gigantically. The deep state was dismantled and we are now experiencing the great awakening, which is only possible, if we see and experience everything, the deep state had planned for us, because nobody would believe it otherwise.

one example: vaccines were never healthy. The “spanish flu” was deadly because of vaccines. It was planned and a deliberate culling of people.
Adverse reactions of vaccines in general were always underreported; approximately below 1% of adverse reactions were reported. So the Covid-vaccine could be nothing more than a normal flu vaccine with the normal poisonous adjuvants, but now with much more human guinea pigs at once and a focus on adverse reactions (and therefor much less underreporting).
Information creates our reality. You could never be sure, what is real, until you see for yourself.

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