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The single-sided reputation of MDMA as a party drug

Of course, MDMA makes you feel good, makes you huggy and loving. It’s understandable that it’s used for going out and meeting new people. But there are more effects often unnoticed from the public perception. MDMA makes you more forgiving of yourself and others. This effect is called “ego-softening”; things that bothered your mind can become clearer and more understandable. That’s why there were experiments in the past, which researched the possible therapeutic use of MDMA until it got illegal.

Some people say that meditating on MDMA is easier for them, especially on lower doses. They say it’s easier to focus and open one’s mind. Mediation is also used to enhance or control the physical effects of MDMA.

MDMA could also affect dreaming. Some people claim that they have extreme lucid dreaming after rolling on the substance. After MDMA the brain lacks serotonin that is known for regulating sleep. Also imported for sleep is melatonin, which is produced out of serotonin. It sounds plausible that the use of the drug can affect the sleep experience (on medium doses it is near impossible to sleep at all).

To sum up, it can be said that MDMA is not only a party drug, it can also be used for meditating and as a tool for insight and better understanding of oneself.