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The REPDEV Network is now DAN, the Digital Abundance Network

Nomen est omen. The name is a sign. Good names a worth a lot, especially if they can express ideas clearly. This is why I felt uncomfortable with the names QPDN (Quantified Prestige Development Network) and REPDEV (Reputation Economy Promotion, Development, Exploration, and Vitalization) for the network I’m trying to create in order to spread and implement the idea of a reputation based economy that will change about everything.

There was a big problem: People couldn’t really understand at once why a reputation based economy would be so great, and what its biggest advantages would be. Now I have a clearer vision and a catchy, descriptive term in the form of the digital abundance economy. In the digital abundance economy digital(ized) goods like programs, music, videos, educational resources, scientific data, books, magazines, artwork, and even patents are free to access and use. Intellectual property, digital rights management, and copyrights will be obsolete, because there is a better system to reward the creators of digital goods: A reputation based economy. More specifically, I call this system a reputation income economy, because reputation will directly generate incomes for those who have it. This is actually a post-market system, because it transcends the concept of trading goods. In the digital realm, trading actually creates enormous inefficiencies, and should be replaced with a system of free distribution and reputation based gratification.

This state of digital abundance is a really big deal, because the costs of a very large class of products will be reduced to zero, and the prices of services and physical products will also drop significantly, because the costs of digital goods used for those will be eliminated. And this consideration doesn’t even take into account the synergistic effects that are unleashed by everyone having access to the best knowledge and programs that are available on this planet! Therefore, the efficiency of the economy will increase dramatically, both reducing prices and improving quality of nearly all goods and services, together enabling universal prosperity! Note that universal prosperity is basically an effect of digital abundance. Of course, universal prosperity can be achieved faster and better with complementary measures like local and global basic incomes and decentralization of the monetary system by wide adoption of “social cryptocurrencies” like uCoin or Fluido (a part of my Quantified Prestige reputation income economy framework).

With the goal of digital abundance in mind, I’m going to establish the Digital Abundance Network (DAN), whose task it is to promote the idea of digital abundance, with the clear goal of establishing a digital abundance economy in the future. There is already a Slack team for the Digital Abundance Network to which I will invite various people in order to grow the network. If you want to join that team, please send me a PM with your email address and full name (real name or pseudonym are both ok) to which I will send an invitation.

This Fractal Future Forum category will be the official forum for DAN, in which we can discuss all matters about digital abundance and DAN openly. It’s your own choice whether you want to use the Slack team or the F3 for discussions (well, if you have access to both, at least) – both options are fine.

So, what are the next steps? There are two major things that need to be done:

  1. Spreading the word of the idea of digital abundance
  2. developing the Quantified Prestige system, because that’s the tool that is currently best suited for establishing digital abundance

If you want to inform others about digital abundance, please send them the link to this post. If you want to help with Quantified Prestige, please check out the documentation and give me some feedback on it. I’m working on a new version of the documentation and might also copy some parts of it to the Fractal Future Wiki. There’s also a lot of work for a first Quantified Prestige prototype version which I need to do (in PHP, because that’s mass compatible). If you have programming experience, your support would be greatly appreciated! :smile:

And of course, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reply in this thread, or in any thread in the Digital Abundance Network category.