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The Quantified Prestige Development Network

The Quantified Prestige Development Network (QPDN) is an open network of individuals and organizations with the goal to develop a global economic ecosystem based on the reputation economy system Quantified Prestige. Hint: If you haven’t heard about Quantified Prestige yet, then you should follow that link or read the Quantified Prestige Paper.

What does that mean?
Being an open network means that any individual or organization can join the network for the purpose of collaborating on the objective of developing Quantified Prestige and interfacing it with the software and economy that already exists out there.

A global economic ecosystem is a system of many different Quantified Prestige Networks (QPNs), each one implementing a different reputation index, which together form the basis of a complex reputation economy. These QPNs can be coupled to various different currencies which together form the monetary component of the reputation economy.

What are the core objectives of the QPDN?

  • Further developing Quantified Prestige as reputation economy system which represents the foundation of a reputation economy.
  • Implementing QP in various forms as different web based applications, both centralized and decentralized.
  • Integrating QP into various social networks, social media sites, and other sites on the web.
  • Launching games and simulations to test out and explore the dynamics of QP.
  • Dealing with legal issues connected to the implementation of a reputation economy.
  • Providing services that support the reputation economy ecosystem.
  • Helping people and organizations worldwide explain how QP works and what benefits it can provide.
  • Promoting QP and the reputation economy ecosystem as practical and useful idea.
  • Supporting people and organizations who decide to work on or with QP by providing a core infrastructure, expertise and possibly further resources.

How does the QPDN operate?
QPDN operates as network of individuals and organizations who come together in a rather informal manner to collaboratively pursue the core objectives defined above. The QPDN itself is not a formal organization, but is constituted by its member individuals and organizations. The mode of decision making within the QPDN is not decided, yet.

What incentives are there for joining the QPDN and participating in the developmental work?
You can work on a radically innovative system that may well become a cornerstone of the economy of the future. There are many possible motivations for supporting the QPDN:

  • You could do it, because you want to make the world a better place.
  • Or you could do it for the fame and reputation of creating something truly great.
  • Developing QP is also a hard, fascinating and engaging challenge.
  • You can work together with some of the most interesting and innovative people on the planet.
  • Last but not least, those who do a lot of the development work for QP early on will be esteemed very highly. If QP becomes really popular and accepted that esteem will turn into large amounts of wealth through the mechanisms involved in QP.
  • Under rare circumstances, you might be hired by QPDN or its members and be paid directly. But at this early stage of development, this is not expected to actually happen.

How can I join the QPDN?
Just declare your intention to join the QPDN within this forum. Writing something in the “Join the QPDN now” thread is probably the best way to do that.

What can I do to help the QPDN?
The QPDN is a brand new network, so there is a lot you can do to strengthen and expand the QPDN:

  • The QPDN would operate best with a really good online infrastructure for discussion and collaboration. If you have any skills or resources that can help us to improve our online presence, that would be awesome!
  • If you have programming skills, you can help to implement QP as a web application.
  • If you have some expertise in mathematics, economics, or related subjects, you can help to develop the QP core system further.
  • Are you good at understanding and explaining things? Good, because QP is a really innovative system that needs to be explained in depth to various different audiences.
  • You can help spread the word about QP and the QPDN. Be it in “real life” or online. If you have any experience with blogging or marketing, you might put these skills to great use.
  • Also, the QPDN needs a large amount of supporters. You could help a lot by recruiting interested people to the network!
  • If you have ideas how a global network like QPDN should operate and organize itself optimally, you could help to define and improve QPDN as organization.
  • In later stages of our development, new roles for supporters within the QPDN will probably be available.
  • You might have some expertise and ideas that could help QPDN in a way we might not have expected. Anything that helps us become better at what we do will be seen as valuable contribution.

Are there any core values for the QPDN?
At the moment the only core value consists in developing QP and its economic ecosystem so that global well-being will be improved as much as possible.


Post in TPV???

Oh, yeah, sure. Please spread the message far and wide. I thought it might be a problem if I don’t couple this with a compelling strategy towards “world domination” :wink: But I think the best way to go is to make up the strategy as we go. After all, we first need to do some serious brain storming at first before we push ahead with full force.