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The Penial question

Today I wanna talk about one of one of my biggest questions of everything.

Lets start with Descartes. He lived during the gray period where superstition was giving way to modern science so therefore his thinking kinda straddled the two paradigms. A dualist, you could say. Being a dualist, he needed to link mind with matter, so he looked at an anatomy chart, and picked the Penial body as the linkage between the physical and the spiritual, the link that made everything work. It is centrally located in the brain, between the two cerebral hemispheres, a bit posterior of the corpos callosum.

When we got around to pointing the business end of a microscope at it, we found it was just a gland and not really a part of any cognitive process. The punch line came when what the gland actually produced was investigated, among some other things (probably), it produces DMT which is a substance that can induce psychodelic experiences. And thus we come full circle.

Wait, stop the presses! Our anatomy contains a gland which produces spiritual/psychodelic experiences? How the devil did that evolve?

One of the conspiracy theories out there is that one of the reasons the Enemy seems to want to get flouride into us by any available means is that it calcifies the penial gland… Whether this is just cultish behavior or whether there is actually something there, I do not know.

People have been fascinated by the idea of psychic phenomenon since the beginning. The problem is that no publicly visible science exists to support the notion. Everything accessible over the internet appears to be absolute garbage too. Most reports of psychic experiences seem to be explainable through other psychological phenomena so Occam’s razor seems to cut pretty deep on that one.

Still, do we really have AIR TIGHT proof that there is nothing there? I mean there are several proposals on the table ranging from a massive overhaul of the brain to uploading, or to cybernetic immortality based transfers to even more powerful mentalities. Can we really prove that we are not leaving something important behind if we go that direction?


Evolution is great at producing freakishly efficient solutions.

Of course, humanity will miss a lot during the first uploading experiments. I have no doubts about that. There’s a hefty price to pay if you are among the first to explore previously unexplored territory. And yet, look at how many people are willing to get experimental mRNA vaccines. Or even go to Mars!

Now you might also be aware that technology often progresses though the process of biomimetics. We imitate the processes we find in nature. Often, technology allows us to turn the dial to 11.

Think about the implications of that.

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