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The future of BTC

BTC is still the main crypto coin on the market, is it going to grow? I read some reviews, like that and they say that BTC will show a rapid growth, so are there any other opinions? Maybe, ETH or some other coin are able to beat BTC.

Maybe a bigger picture of the possible future of the global economy, provided by a bitcoin expert might help:

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It is an interesting analysis but i think this point is wrong:

The governments give money to citizens and companies but they have no real plan because no one was prepared for such a situation.

They are very well prepared with a big plan for the world called “the great reset” made by the world economic forum. Part of this plan is that nobody will own anything, everyone is dept free and receive UBI.
Originally the plan was meant to come true in 2030, but the pandemic will speed things up:

Another aspect of preparation was the event 201, where they simulated the coronavirus outbreak in Oktober 2019. Again with participation of the World Economic Forum.

The market structure itself, combined with trade wars, and pandemic make the situation extremely bad. However, Pal says that the existing financial system would implode one day anyway.

Maybe sooner than later. But the predictions from Bitcoin Ben for bitcoin are very interesting.

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