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The Future Begins in April

Cliff’s recent video implied something both terrifying and startling. By as early as this spring, a majority of the obedient followers who took the injection will be dead. I don’t know what people will call it, I will coin the term the Black Winter for the purposes of this post.

While I should not be overly trusting of his numbers, the number of deaths will shake society to its core. It will not be the usual close ranks and advance you get with any normal funeral, it will be a situation where the entire infrastructure of society will be torn apart and will have to be rebuilt before everyone else starves. All of the obedient followers will be nowhere to be found. The people who took the shot just so that they could stay in the in-crowd will not be anywhere to be found either. What will be left will be the disobedient and those who tried to murder them.

Naturally, there will only be enough room in all of the multiverse for one of those two groups. What must happen at that point is so obvious that it bears no further discussion.

No, what we really need to do is start thinking about how we are going to build our lives on the other side of this. Because nobody will offer me a job, I’ve been financing my extravagant lifestyle of video games and collecting rejection letters with a stipend from my father and rent checks from my evil roomate. Well, both of them have taken the shot, and 80% chance neither of them will be around for much longer.

I am hoping that when entire sectors of the economy need to be re-staffed all at once, whomever is doing the hiring won’t be quite as quick to discard applicants.

While that is my own perspective on the situation, the broad issue is that society will have to find a new structure. Industries will have to re-staff and re-scale for the number of people still alive. Policies by the current elite that ammounted to a command destruction of the economy must be reversed. It looks like this will happen in the 2022-2025 period, including food shortages and all kinds of disruptions.

One glimmer of good news is that there’s a good chance that the situation will be so dire that we’ll finally get our grubby mitts on the technologies the government has been suppressing for all these decades. What’s coming, I’m not sure, but at least we’ll be playing with our full stack of poker chips technologically speaking.

Anyway, for the love of god I want to get people thinking. =|