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The FFN as futurist support platform

I’ve been quite inactive over the last weeks, which was interestingly both due to a motivational slump and my involvement in a couple of new emerging projects. Even though I was pleasantly surprised by the engagement of some people who push forward new ideas, projects, and communities, and even though there were a couple of positive developments in my own life, my motivation has been unusually low. Of course, I blame my genes and my brain chemistry which have been largely uncooperative. :weary: But that doesn’t mean that I would surrender with the seemingly bad cards that I have been dealt. I like fighting (apart from also hating it at the same time :persevere: ), and it seems that the more I fight, the better results I get. It has been similar with the creation of the Fractal Future Network. Many people I asked at the end of 2014 thought it was a bad idea, and that there was no need for it. After I decided to ignore the naysayers and created a pretty usable platform I got praised for what I created.

What have I created after all? It’s hard to say, because the current phase of inactivity can feel very demotivating, indeed. At it probably has contributed to my motivation slump, together with the hot weather to which I seem to be relatively susceptible. :sunny:

My recent conclusion is that the Fractal Future Network is a futurist support platform. It’s a platform that supports futurists and their projects. The basic support consists in having a common platform that could be used as base for collaborative projects (though few have been eager to actually make use of that opportunity). Further support comes from the futurists on this platform which communicate with each other. The value of that can sometimes be underestimated. There are few places on the internet which can be as personally enriching as this platform. At least that’s my own totally unbiased opinion as creator of this platform! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Initially, my focus was on totally constructive collaboration, which is of course great, when it happens. But there’s also a more personal level: Personal interactions in this forum can be energizing for all parties involved. They can be motivating and fulfilling. :heart_eyes_cat: On the best days, visiting this forum felt a bit like Christmas: I was very curious what kind of fascinating posts or messages I would find in here. :gift: This actually makes me want to revive those good old days and even surpass them. My personal experiences point towards this forum as place which can satisfy the personal needs of people – especially my own personal needs. Which is a very compelling incentive for me to continue working on this platform and staying active in it, even though there are a lot of other very important and promising projects that I am involved in. They do not have the same positive emotional effect on me, however. I’m not sure why that’s the case, if it’s really something special to have my “own” platform. Perhaps you can help me to gain clarity about that.

Anyway, I am back. And this network is here to stay, because it has a clear purpose: Supporting all the futurists out there, in whatever way – and perhaps even their projects. I’m certainly going to use the FFN to have a starting platform for my own projects. You can of course join me in that, or you could just continue to lurk here and see what happens. Whatever you prefer, I am grateful for your presence. :smile: Thank you! :heartpulse:

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