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The Emperor Has No Clothes: Socrates Deconstructs Singularity University

Oh, this is a really wonderful deconstruction of Singularity University:

This opens up an opportunity to proclaim the possibility to monetize abundance with the gift economy mindset and Quantified Prestige!


Wow, he was very brave to say all those stuff. I think he is very right in his analysis, but he may have taken a somewhat unnecessary risk simply for a matter of principle. I wonder if this will bring any kind of reprecussions to singularityweblog.

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What should they do to Singularity Weblog? Hack it? Sue it? They can try, but it would backfire on them even more. I am more interested in how SU is reacting to the criticism. I mean, it’s a publicly available YouTube video that has obviously deconstructed them. And they don’t seem to have the media savvy to defuse Nicola’s claims. If they are clever, they should start thinking very hard how they can reform their business model and make themselves more attractive and actually in line with what they preach.