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The Case For Universal Prosperity on Google Drive

I’ve finally finished my first serious draft for the chapter “The Case For Universal Prosperity” (it’s about a universal basic income) in the upcoming Transpolitica book “Anticipating Tomorrow’s Politics”. For efficient review and editing I’ve put it into a Google Drive page:

Everybody with that link can add comments to the document (provided he has a Google account, at least). I encourage you to actually do so! :smile:

For effective structuring of the chapter I used [Gingkoapp][1]. It was rather fun to write the chapter using the “snowflake method” in which you start with a rough outline and then create detailed outlines for the different parts of the text before actually going on to writing it down.

You can of course use this thread to discuss the chapter.


Posting this today in various Facebook groups:

The Financial Cost of Universal Prosperity -
A recurring block to meaningful discussions of a Universal Basic Income implementation is the financial impact on individuals and groups.
In the recently published ‘TransPolitica Book One’ Chapter 3, ‘The Case for Universal Prosperity’ by Michael Hrenka takes on this issue.
This op is intended as a call for rational, intelligent debate.

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