"The Case For Universal Prosperity" on Gingko

This week I should finish a book chapter titled “The Case For Universal Prosperity” for the Transpolitica book project “Anticipating Tomorow’s Politics”. I’ve started using Google Docs for writing the chapter, but I’ve soon switched to Gingkoapp for that purpose, because it’s much more convenient for outlining and structuring the chapter.

Using the following link you can see the Gingko Tree and the current state of the chapter: https://gingkoapp.com/nozpba
You may need to register on that site in order for that link to work properly.

Gingkoapp also has collaborative features, but so far I haven’t dared to consider actually using them for my project.

Anyway, you can use this forum thread for comments about what I’ve written so far.

Wow, that ginkoapp does look rather good.