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The blockchain does not decrease, AtoX seizes the opportunity to develop

For the practitioners of the blockchain industry, nowadays it is both the moment of collapse of faith and the timing of renewed faith. On the surface, it is a dark-shrouded age, but it is also an era of glory. The blockchain in 2018 can be said to be in deep trouble. This year, the currency circle and blockchain circle seem to have become calm and quiet after undergoing repeated shuffles, but this does not mean that the “blockchain” will disappear afterward.


2018, in addition to the forward-looking projects such as AtoX, which led the blockchain technology to the stage of 4.0, which attracted people’s attention. Recently, an announcement issued by the internationally renowned scientific journal “Nature” was published in its official website, also caused a stir in the industry…

In the past year, the top three hottest words among scientists from all over the world were “cancer”, “blockchain” and “big data”. The “blockchain” jumped from No.19 in 2017 to the second place, that is to say, although today’s blockchain is in deep waters, there are still a large number of believers who insist and support it, and it also indicates that a large number of researchers may wish to apply the blockchain to their work.


The chain circle has been a paradise for those who fantasize about being rich overnight. And it is also a profit-seeking field for those who seeking wealth, but these are not the true meaning of the existence of the blockchain. As a underlying technology, blockchain is not what most people called a speculative carrier, but a gospel of a truly reliable and truly solid team.

That’s the case with the AtoX team, whose R&D members are among the best, and they bring blockchain technology to a new level in the AXC lab in Silicon Valley, USA. Technology and application, both hands must be grasped, both hands must be hard! These dedicated teams are probably the main reason why the “blockchain” can be one of the most searched keywords in the world in 2018.

Although the blockchain in 2018 is basically in the stage of bear market, people in the coin circle cried from hunger and cold all year round. Some people lose their faith and gradually retreat. Some people can’t stand the baptism of the bear market, after being cut in half and ran away, but there are still people who are paying attention and sticking to their beliefs.

In 2019, the AtoX project team will, as always, do practical things, work hard to develop, and promote the development of the industry with advanced technology, bringing users a better experience and service.

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