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The 2010s - A review

Huh, hey there, guys!

Many people say the 2010s were just gosh awfull. I can agree, our current culture and situation is gosh awfull, but that started in earnest only in 2014.

I mean, the 2010s brought us phone zombies, social media addiction, censorship, dadaist memes, bronies, furries, SJWs, wokeness, the Alt-Right, Trump, the housing crisis, student loan debts, censorship, the “everything is offensivistophobic” mentality, dystopic tendencies in media, politicalization of like everything, mass shootings, terrorism, continuing rise of China as superpower, Gamergate, MeToo, Disney taking over popculture, Silicon Valley basically owning the internet, complete corporate control, hate and misanthropy being accepted and many people just having become so plain evil.

It’s just like a cyberpunk dystopia that we were heading to since like 9/11 having become true.

Though, early 2010s, like '10-'12 were a different time and had many leftovers from the funny 2000s. Generally, they were optimistic despite leftovers from the Great Recession and had the best internet culture. For me, they were the best part of my life.
2013 was the weird year in-between, the old mentality had finally vanished while our new zeitgeist still hadn’t taken over.
Then in 2014 everything went down the drain very fast starting with Gamergate and in 2015 our current situation was in full effect, when we got offended over everything, Trump re-animated the far-right while gay marriage send SJWs into overdrive and brought the LGBT rights movement, after having achieved its final victory, into a “now what?” situation.

So, yeah, as a cultural decade the 2010s started very late… luckily.

Of course, they have their pearls too:

  • internet culture is mainstream now
  • LGBT acceptance
  • media never were so diverse, cheap and accessible
  • more consciousness about politics and society
  • development of information technology

For the future, expect nothing to change in 2020, because the start of a new decade is in terms of culture, always part of the last decade since like the 40s. And numerically, it indeed is, because there was no “year 0”.

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