"Thanks and goodbye" / ctrl+w... Departing from F3

Well, it’s been interesting here. I prefer more graceful exits or ‘non-sudden-quits’ so this window of time is for goodbye or something constructive. Since writing this I realised you can’t actually delete your account and might “…need to accept that I will always stay a part of the Fractal Future Forum!” :slight_smile:
I wrote some great stuff so it’s great to have that there. Go check me out :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in more then click here…

“No wait, don’t go…”

“…Huh?.. err… Why not?”


Thanks for your goodbye post! It’s relatively rare that people decide to write goodbye posts in online communities. I really want to know why you want to leave. If you hated the F3, you would either not have bothered writing here ever again or would have complained loudly and be gone afterwards. If you loved the F3, there would be no reason to leave, unless you suddenly developed a lethal forum allergy or something like that. :sweat_smile:

If you feel like most active Fractals, you might have the impression that the F3 is somewhat amazing, but that it’s lacking in certain respects and could be so much more. Yet, the F3 is what it is at the moment. I wonder what you expected from this community. What were your biggest hopes for the F3?

When people leave, they often at least mention a reason for why they want to leave; often it’s something like “it’s really getting late”, or “there’s this super important thing that I need to do now”. Such proclaimed reasons don’t need to be true. It’s simply slightly irritating when people leave without offering a reason why. :worried:

You shouldn’t go before answering the question why. Is there something wrong with the F3? Have you found a better place to hang out? Or is it simply a mismatch between your interests and what the F3 can provide to you? :kiwi:

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