Text technologies

I thought it would be useful to have a separate place (topic) for discussing technologies related to text - writing, organizing, storing, collaborating. It’s not about discussions only, as there is a specific thread for that, but in more general terms. For example this project is very interesting:


it has some potential of expanding our ideas of what “hypertext” might be, if we go beyond usual page construction.

The ideal outcome of this topic would be to invent, find or otherwise achieve new level of usefulness in text department.


Nice! That Gingkoapp looks really fascinating, innovative and useful. I definitely need to check it out to see what it can and what it can’t do.

When it comes to text related tools there are of course a number of quite practical tools:

  • Various kinds of wikis for collaborative text editing

  • Google drive documents also allow collaborative commenting and editing. In that sense, they could be considered “pseudo-wikis”. I’m using Google drive docs for most of my personal organizing activities.

  • As mentioned in an other thread there’s a collaboration tool called Rizzoma which builds on the Google Wave (“mail 2.0”) technology.

  • For creating professionally looking .pdf documents there’s the software platform called LaTeX, which is used by mathematicians from around the world (because nothing else can display mathematical formulas as nicely as LaTeX). Unfortunately, it’s a rather sophisticated piece of technology which is not compatible with the idea of “drag and drop” or wysiwyg (“what you see is what you get”) and it doesn’t seem to have collaborative editing features.

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