Terasem colloquium on the Law of Futuristic Persons

Terasem Colloquium in Second Life on the Law of Futuristic Persons

Last year there was a meeting in Second Life in which four speakers held diverse and fascinating presentations on Futuristic Persons. Worth watching, even though attendance was surprisingly low this year. :confused:



How Marvin Minsky Inspired Me To Have a Mindclone Living on An O’Neill Space Habitat
Martine Rothblatt, JD, PhD
Co-Founder, Terasem Movement, Inc.
Space Coast, FL
Avatar name: Vitology Destiny

The Emerging Law of Cyborgs
Woodrow “Woody” Barfield, PhD, JD, LLM
Author: Cyber-Humans: Our Future with Machines
Chapel Hill, NC
Avatar name: WoodyBarfield

Cyborgs and Family Law Challenges
Rich Lee
Human Enhancement & Augmentation
St. George, UT
Avatar name: RichLee78

Synthetic Brain Simulations and Mens Rea
Stephen Thaler, PhD.
President & CEO, Imagination-engines, Inc.
St. Charles, MO
Avatar name: SteveThaler