Teotwawki [filler text to meet requirements]

** I’m posting this about 4 months and a week early because I need to clear my draft buffer to make other posts… It was originally written in early December 2023 **

I’ve been thinking over the last month or so about how to explain the period of time we are now in.

By the time you read this, the period of time that we, at the time of writing, will be the Past. Not just the past, but essentially ancient history for all practical purposes. The Future is slated to begin in September (give or take). This puts us in an unique instant of history where the Present is a true discrete period of time that has far less connection to either the past or the future than any other point in time you can think of…

I mean you think of the present as this second, this hour, this day, this year, depending on your perspective, as being unique only because it is sandwiched between the Past and the Future.


During this time we won’t just be experiencing a new day, but a new period of time. The world is going to be utterly remade. It is a change that will occur on a cosmological scale. We are finally leaving the Age of Pisces but we are still of waiting for the Age of Aquarius to begin.

I need to impress upon you that this truly is Teotwawki. Everything you knew is already gone. Your money, your governments, your banks, your companies, your religions, your spirituality, your customs, your understanding of history, even large chunks of your “Science”. All of your technologies are going obsolete too. When the Future arrives, it will be almost unimaginable and indescribable from the perspective of the Past. The problems that we will be facing in the Future will be completely different from the problems we faced in the Past too but, hopefully the new problems will be solvable and things will eventually become much much better.

We will be experiencing roughly a thousand years of change in only a few years. Or maybe in terms of the matrix, it’s like being ejected from the pod…

Obviously such a radical change is going to be a Bit Rough ™. I wish you could have believed me if I tried to explain this in the Past but, well, I had to wait until the Present when you are probably quite hungry for answers (among other things) and are able to understand what I’m saying.

But really, the time we are now in can be called a Jubilee and you should be partying like your life depends on it. Think of it as an all-weekend party between two rough weeks at work. Never forget that the evil, corrupt powers of the Old world will be desperately using EVERYTHING to try to control the new world too. They are doomed to fail but you can help in their defeat. The critical issue will be the new money. Any form of “sound money” is good, gold, silver, crude oil, cigarettes, pork bellies (whatever the hell a pork belly is), and fixed-quantity crypto is GOOD. However, any form of currency that can be printed on a whim or, worse, gives anyone but you control over what you can spend on is bad and must be treated like radioactive waste.

The future really will be incredible. You won’t believe what’s coming!! I can’t wait to see you there. =)