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Superworld Superposition


Or maybe they will resurrect me into that Duckburg universe because they want to do me a favour?

Besides, what is when one dies in a world into which he was resurrected or in the ‘natural’ world, e.g. from an overdose of those mentioned drugs?

(Michael Hrenka) #44

A favour? What for?

Why should that make any difference?

Btw: I just recollect that once I had a dream in which I was resurrected in a purgatory-like landscape in which I had to fight demon-like beings. Apparently this was supposed to further my character development. But I believe it was rather an excuse for the simulators to see some brutal action. Even if we live forever through different worlds, some of them will probably be extremely unpleasant.


Heroic actions?

  1. Since you are a fan of animation (MLP, Furry, anime), you probably know “Adventure Time”. I imagine that world to look like the Nightosphere from that show.
  2. Wouldn’t “the simulators” have to answer to an ethics comittee?

(Michael Hrenka) #46

That’s an interesting thought. In some religions there is the belief that you get rewarded for heroic actions with rewards in the afterlife. How plausible is that in a setting in which simulators simulate our world. Why would they value our heroic actions in our world? It’s not obvious that they would. Perhaps heroic actions disturb their real plans. In that case, we could even get punished for performing heroic actions.

What does constitute a heroic action after all? Is it defined by overcoming fear? If yes, then that’s a valuable skill to have. Performing a heroic action would prove that you possess that skill.

It would probably be easy for the simulators to grant everone the skill of heroism after they die. But it would be probably even easier just to select from the most heroic people in the first place. So, the idea that people are rewarded for heroic deeds is not unlikely. Though, the reward will probably be something that requires you to perform heroic deeds in certain roles. So, you are probably sent into increasingly challenging adventures, if you prove your worth to the simulators in this world.

Probably something like that. But it doesn’t need to have anything to do with our ideas of ethics.

There’s a post I’ve written that summarizes different ethical positions when it comes to simulations:


I wonder… what if I’ve already died many times in many different worlds this here is my 316th incarnation?