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Stephen Oberauer: Introduction

What kind of person are you?

  • The kind that doesn’t like to label themselves, and divide people into different kinds, I suppose :smile:

What are your goals and ideals?

  • I suppose my ultimate wish is for everyone to learn critical thinking, so that people don’t push ideas because they are emotionally attached to them, but rather those which, while they may be boring, are supported by the scientific method.

What are your favourite interests?

  • My family
  • Besides my family I think my interests tend to shift around, but they include: activism, video making, programming, playing guitar, computer games, movies, reading, critical thinking, gardening, skateboarding, making things, hypnosis, magic, board games, virtual reality and rock music.

How have you found this place?

  • Michael contacted me, asking me to write something about Democratic Intelligence.

What kind of projects do you want to participate in?


Welcome to the Fractal Future Forum, Stephen! :smiley:

Ah, so you’re an anti-labelist! :wink: I have been one myself many years ago, but labels just seem to be too useful for me to avoid.

You want everyone to think critically? Critical thinking is hard and hurts! Eventually, it pays off, hopefully. Well, I feel this is a difficult topic: How much critical thinking can humans endure? How much are they willing to endure? And for what reasons?

Nice, that’s quite a broad span of interests. I’m kinda surprised that you have mentioned hypnosis and magic (what kind of magic?). Could you please elaborate on that? :smile:

Good questions. I personally don’t find it hard… but as you say, it requires a reason. For me it’s because I’ve experienced so much frustration by not thinking critically, and by others not thinking critically. As for other people, I’m not so sure… if asked, would they prefer to be honest with themselves, or to believe what they believed even if it wasn’t true, I think they’d say they would prefer to be honest with themselves, even if they aren’t.

I’m surprised that you’re surprised :smile:

I can’t remember having laughed more than watching my friends make idiots of themselves while under hypnosis.

I like card magic, probably because I appreciate the skill that goes into it. It’s usually not just a gimmick. And I love Derren Brown’s mentalism stuff. Here’s Derren Brown doing an amazing card routine: