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Steem is amazing and complicated and works!

Steem is one of the most fascinating new blockchain based platforms, first of all because it managed to succeed at transforming the media landscape where other projects have failed, or are still in their infancy. The result of this technology can be seen on the webpage A news/blogging platform in which content can be sorted by popularity, but in which authors can actually get paid for their content by getting upvoted.

The following interview is very interesting, even though audio quality happened to be kinda bad.

This could be an early model for a reputation economy like the one I tried to create with Quantified Prestige. The difference between Steem and QP is that QP would be more egalitarian in the influence of its participants.

Anyway, it will be interesting to watch the evolution of Steem. Can any important lessons be drawn from it already?

Ah, you finally checked it out. Great :thumbsup:

It’s one of the more interesting projects out there. Even if the complexity of the economics is high enough that many dislike it just for that. Come to think of it, I’d forgotten about it for quite a while. Time to take a look at it again.