Sorry for the 12 h downtime. It's my fault!

Today (2015-04-23) the forum has been down from about 2 AM to 2 PM GMT. The reason for that is quite embarrassing and annoying: I haven’t checked the invoice notices from my host DigitalOcean on which this server runs. They have contacted me per mail about the issue that they can’t draw money from my PayPal account automatically, so I would have to do payments manually. Didn’t know about that issue. Initially, I’ve tried to set up a virtual credit card (MasterCard) account at DigitalOcean, but they don’t accept virtual credit cards, even though most online vendors do :frowning: If they had accepted the virtual credit card they would have been able to deduct the server payments automatically…

The background story is that I have had a severe energy crisis (once again I have to mention that I am suffering from ME/CFS – I am angry at that disease for fucking up my life so severely :rage: ) in the beginning of March from which I haven’t yet recovered fully. It also came with phases of depression, meh. Don’t worry, I’m used to that and know how to deal with it (I mean from an existential and medical perspective; I still struggle a lot with fixing my life and getting even the most important basic things under control). Unfortunately, this energy crisis has completely fucked up my email checking routine, so that I have checked mails only sporadically and incompletely since the beginning of March! Somehow, the important invoice mails landed under the labels that I’ve neglected to check at all. Big oops :frowning: So, DigitalOcean did what they had to do in such a situation and suspended my account, because I didn’t respond at all. Basically, they only pushed the off button on my virtual servers.

Luckily, I had enough money on my PayPal account to pay the invoices immediately. And I am very delighted to see that this actually solved the problem within a few minutes. I could restart the virtual servers at once and very quickly and everything worked again without me having to do anything. Wow, that’s awesome! :smiley:

But this drama also shows that my life is in some kind of permanently semi-broken state that makes me a kinda practically unreliable person. You should draw the appropriate conclusions. For example, it would be good to backup important contents of this forum (or anywhere else online for that matter) for the case that it becomes unavailable for some reason (theoretically, it also could get hacked, though at this point in time this is rather unlikely for a couple of reasons).

Also, I think that this points to the importance of email as (backup) communication layer. Email is serious shit!