Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher

There’s a surprisingly good adventure game about philosophy called Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher and you can play it on the gaming site Kongregate, for example.

What’s interesting about this game is that it’s a rather well made form of edutainment. It’s an entertaining form of learning about what some of the most prominent philosophers of all times have thought and claimed. The goal of the game is to actually beat all those historic philosophers in a series of philosophical debates! Luckily, that’s not extremely difficult, because you basically have to choose the right argument out of a list of options. Nevertheless, it’s worth a lot to think about all the arguments before just going ahead and trying then through one by one.

This form of gamification strategy applied to philosophy might very well be useful for other subjects. Moreover, creating such multiple-choice games is probably not too difficult, at least when it comes to the raw game logic. It would be interesting to create such a game with focus on the topic of transhumanism or futurism.

Anyway, I suggest you actually go ahead and play the game Socrates Jones! It’s really worth it (though there are a few points that could be criticised about it)!

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The straightforward application works great, I was about to mention one I’ve found that does the same. It compels the use and learning of the command line interface with a simple text based adventure game. Somehow the linearity in results, but with the possibility to choose from a variety of choices, has its magic.