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Singularity Survival Guide

[originally posted on Ben’s AGI list.]
I cleaned up some of the hard linebrakes but my browser is lagging bad (is buggy! and I don’t really have much working space on this monitor.)


Let us now turn our attention to the future, specifically the para-singularity and early post-singularity periods, and how to make it
through this turmultuous time.

Unfortunately, current events have made anything I could say about the #Boogaloo redundant.

Still, I have a thorny subject to get out of the way.

To understand what I’m about to say, you must first understand Trump.
Trump isn’t so much a man as he is a revolution against the tiny percentage of the population that basically owns the planet. Some of them you know, others you don’t. This is a problem for a number of
obvious reasons but also because almost all of them are satanists and or pedophiles. There are a hundred and one different religions and philosophical systems out there. Most of them are more-or less Just Fine ™ but Satanism isn’t. Satanism is a religion of psychopathy and mind

Some of the stories that will appear under searches for more information
is NOT CREDIBLE, however the basic gist is true. #PizzagateIsReal

If the Trump revolution fails or if the singularity happens before he
can finish his work, it will fall on you to continue the task.
Earth-born civilization will not continue to exist unless the pedophiles
and Satanists are purged. =|

As QAnon says, the satanists conduct their business by performing
rituals based on symbolism and numerology, often based on the date
directly or specific intervals of time. To hunt down these satanists you need to learn these symbols and how to recognise them. Once you identify the target and have satisfied yourself that the target is valid, it is your responsibility to make sure that person will not be affecting your future anymore.

Until the satanic cult is broken, assume that every piece of technology is rigged to surveil and control the population for the purpose of protecting the cabal. This will make doing research and preparations difficult but then the future of civilization will depend on it. Ideally, the first detectable evidence of your intent will be the final blow itself.

Once again, we could get lucky and Trump could sucessfully survive his second term and our civilization will be well on its way to recovery, at this point what I just said could be written off as a fevered rant, and I’d be the happiest person around.

Ok, with that out of the way, lets talk about much more interesting subjects…

People who talk about singularity risks basically focus on two monkey-centric modes of thought. Basically, these are the preditor-prey paradigm and the socal relationship paradigm. The reason people focus on and, are to some extent, trapped in these paradigms is because they have monkey brains and these are the basic categories that dictate the how one behaves towards another.

Now there are the scenarios that are killshots to humanity, like someone releasing nanites that turn everything into gray goo and we’re all dead.

What is not recognized is that the human brain has serious bugs/design
defects that appear when everything is going really well. For that
reason, futures that seem to be going raditally right can be even more
dangerous to monkey-brained individuals than the hard and grueling
ancestral environment.

How many rock stars survive their drug addictions?

This is the true face of post-scarcity.

Assuming the uploaders don’t go nuts and goo the planet and stick to some reasonably finite amount of real estate, they will probably burn
themselves out within a few years. Depending on the speedup factor, if you go to check up on one of those colonies a few years later, it will probably be mostly dead with a few active “citizens” working desperately on how to re-architect a mind file so that can actually survive for more
than a few hundred subjective years. This effort will be doomed</bender voice> by the definition of identity that they
chose to allow themselves to be coppied into the machine in the first
place. To meet their definition of survival, the pattern must be
preserved, but in order to actually function indefinitely it must evolve
radically. A lot of people seem to think you can have it both ways.


Moving on…

The fundamental issue here is that genes know that they are going to be
thrown together with random other genes and still need to create a
working brain. So how do they calibrate the system to behave properly?
Well they lean on known external constants and work from there,
specifically the known external constants are that you are hungry, you
live in a cave, it is cold outside, Grun-took is mean, and tigers have
sharp claws.

The more wrong those assumptions become, the more you behave like the

The wrong solution to this problem is to try to “cut out” unpopular
“legacy code”. This is wrong, you need your pain, anger, rage, etc, just
as your ancestors couldn’t survive without them. The problem is that the
external environment is changing too fast so therefore you need ways to
correctly modulate these responses

So, what this means is that society will become more and more **
unmoored **, having become disconnected from the hard realities that
everyone must face each day to sucessfully survive in the world.

What I mean can be seen in the 2016 US election map. To the extent that
it is an honest count, the areas that voted “red” basically survive or
perish on whether their tractors worked or twhether the rains come, are
not more than two degrees of separation from those hard facts. The areas
that voted blue, were in large metropolitan areas where survival comes
from social approval. So therefore they voted based on what was
presented to them as the “moral” ar popular choice even though the
candidate on that side had a lengthy generally accepted rap sheet and
there are reports that she has committed abominations that are
incomprehensible in their horror.

There are a massive number of details that could nudge the course in one
direction or other, but the underlying trajectory will remain.

Some people will surrender to it at the beginning, and will be destroyed
first. Others will try to “keep the faith”. They will either become
corrupted themselves or they will see themselves as glorrious knights on
the plains of armageddon or whatever other faiths have. Basically, you
will get the outcome you expect when you fight the wrong war against the
wrong enemy for the wrong reasons. At best, a meaningless victory, or a
victory that is actually a crushing defeat.

Going hermit or going Amish or any other kind of ludism is futile. Don’t
think about it! You should aim for a Yoda-like lifestyle tho. You need
the means to do your own research and you need to secure your facilities
enough. The ideal location is probably in an industrial park or a
little-traveled suburban side-road. An overlooked gravel road off a
major highway would be pretty good. You will need reliable access to
power so you definitely don’t want to be too remote.

Do not accept augmented reality or anything that distorts your senses.
Do not accept robotic assistants for things you don’t actually need
asistance for.

Now I don’t know what, specifically, you want to be on the other side of
the singularity, the only constraints seem to be that you will still be
sapient, and well-adjusted to post-singularity living. All other factors
seem to be up for grabs.

Be extremely cautious about any offered augmentation technology. Treat
it as version 0.0.1, or an extremely early prototype of an idea that may
or may not be good. If it is something you are interested in, bring it
to your lab and have your own AI systems go over it. Go over the design
yourself and make sure it’s what you really need. AGI engineers may be
briliant but, at least at first, will be inexperienced and too heavy on
book learning and won’t have a good intuition about what is actually
workable out in the world. So take what’s offered then overhaul the
design yourself and see if you can improve it. Don’t actually instal it
in yourself until the technology is actually ready.

Now while you are working on setting yourself up for the Long Haul,
things will be going crazy around you. This is going to be hard for you
but I’m telling you now, ignore it as much as possible. There is no
prize for being a hero in this situation. What can you do anyway?
Force-upgrade people into an emotional configuration you think will
work? Do you think your design is the one that will work? What if you
publish and the proverbial horse won’t drink. I’m sorry, but there are
things that can’t be helped, or at least not without unacceptable risks.
Be prepared to accept 95% casualties around you as you enter
post-singularity time. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault if you
have to take a few of them yourself for self-defense. I’m sorry, but if
you reach that point you will have survived what’s probably the last
Great Filter and, from that point forward will basically have a large
fraction of the universe to use as your playground.

I badly want to play this game: but it has become more than a bit

If you get the chance to watch some classic Star Trek, make sure you see
“I, Mudd” again. =P

The vaccine is a LIE.


Thank you very much for posting again!

Ok, let’s play a pragmatic utilitarian cynic here. While it may be true that a small minority of people own the planet and most of them are satanists or pedophiles, that’s not much of a problem, because it’s basically the price for the stability that we currently enjoy. After all, human societies tolerate a high level of corruption in politics, as long as it doesn’t grow too extreme. If some people or children become the victims of satanistic pedophiles, then that’s a kind of human sacrifice that may be not too dissimilar from the countless victims of modern traffic (or animal farming). The benefit of such an elite that is tight-knit through its shared secrets is that is it more effective at collaborating globally. That way, the very serious problem of global coordination can be solved.

If we instead counted on an elite that doesn’t rely on extreme secrecy and stark religious rituals, then its ability to coordinate on a global level will be strongly diminished and the world will disintegrate into countless transnational squabbles. Do we really want that?

The core fault with this line of reasoning is, that, while it may be true in theory, the problems that our current elites cause are much worse than destroying the lives of select individuals. This Cabal consolidates its power by corrupting everything systemically. For the economist in me, the sheer damage that is inflicted on the economy through this corruption alone is unacceptable. Even though the economic hardliner in me would accept a certain level of human sacrifice, the detrimental effects on the economy through excessive inequality, hoarding and withholding of patents, regulatory capture, and mindless subventions are so great that any hope for any redeeming qualities of our current elite can be immediately dismissed. We aren’t ruled by smart and wise people who have an evil side, we are ruled by thoroughly corrupted individuals who value extending their grip of the corrosive drug called power for a tiny fraction of time over any kind of rationality.

If we take an honest look at the world we currently live in, then claiming anything else must mean that the elites play such a good game at being stupid that a truly incredibly masterful plan must lie behind all layers of facade. I don’t deny the possibility that this is the case, but I have no reason to actually believe it. If the current elites have one plan they are intent on doing, and are actually effective at pursuing, then it’s the plan to sow the seeds of their own demise in favor of a radically New World Order that will succeed them and the system they have established so far. That New World Order will be the result of the globe’s radical reaction to the Cabal. In a sense, the members of the Cabal will have to willingly sacrifice themselves to bring forth a higher level of civilization. Only in that unlikely case, I have some form of respect for their deeds.

Yes, that’s very likely. I assume that every microphone will record what I say and every camera will record what I do. Every GPS sensor will share my location with countless secret services, and everything I do online is so deep embedded in the technological Akashic Records that it may well become common knowledge anytime soon. I devise my strategies with that in mind. My conclusion is that in this already very tight surveillance matrix covert resistance is nearly impossible, unless you have the full resources of a top level secret service at your disposal. For everyone else, only open defiance remains as form of opposition. That’s the path that’s logically concluded, if you want a future in which liberty is more than a theoretic ideal.

Actually, I agree. Where we probably disagree is that I use the concept of “identity” very flexibly and lightly. Radical technologies allow the rapid change of everything that constitutes a certain identity. Extreme forms of morphological and noetic freedom will make it possible for an individual to go though countless total conversions of everything that defines its identity within one single year. Countless deaths and rebirths. But I am ok with that. I do not cling tightly to any kind of identity. I do not cling to survival tightly, because I realize that I am an ever shifting pattern among countless other shifting patters with no truly exceptional quality. I am merely life experiencing the world, perhaps moving towards perfection, or not. I am unattached.

That’s a fair warning. Even if these technologies were based on open source that you happen to comprehend and able to check completely, the deleterious effects of those technologies pandering to your decadence are so severe that it may be justified to relinquish them for yourself preemptively. Unless we find a convincing solution to the dangers of decadence, we are quite vulnerable to the temptations of technologies that make our lives easy and blissful. Gamers may be smart, but gaming addiction is a serious threat that can easily turn nearly all of them very ineffective when it comes to changing the world, or even surviving its true harshness, once it unfolds fully.

Interestingly, a couple of days ago I dreamed that I was an early tester of Elon Musk’s Neuralink implant. It was scary, since I knew that the danger of damaging my biological brain was high, and that probably all of my personal thoughts were tracked and recorded. The features I enjoyed were minuscule in contrast. Still, in the setting of that dream, I made that deal willingly, because I was just so overly curious about how it would feel to have such an implant. Also, the promise that the implant would over time eventually back up my brain and make me immortal felt somewhat reassuring. Actually, I was advised not to make any quick movements with my head, otherwise the implant could detach from my nerves and become unusable and injure my brain severely. Naturally, I became very careful what I did with my physical body.

You talk about casualties here. They may be high indeed, but I think it’s quite likely that those casualties mostly will be those that I term the “fallen”. The fallen are those who fall to the allure of ever increasing captivating hedonic technologies. Increasingly attractive steps towards perfected wireheading. That’s probably the greatest danger of any form of “post-scarcity” civilization.

Worse: It’s a Trojan horse that’s used to weaken us with its auto-immune “side”-effects. Actually, that’s an excellent deal for Big Pharma. First sell vaccines to nearly everyone for ludicrous amount of money. Then, treat the side effects with astronomically expensive therapies like immune (memory) cell ablation though chemotherapy, or some fancy version of gene therapy.

Man, thinking up conspiracies is way too easy. :smiley:

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I would rephrase the sentence: because they are violent, get away with crimes and own the media. Much of their power consists in the fact that the majority of the people believed their lies. This is about to change dramatically and the chaos we see at the moment in the world will do a big part in the awakening of many more people.


So my first recommendation for a survival guide is: Do your own reseach! Do not fall prey to lies. The consciousness of the people is the real gamechanger. Second: Help others to understand what is really going on. Third: Do not fall prey to division tactics. Maybe that is the most difficult one, because we are so accustomed to devide people into groups and use labels for them. So be vigilant when people use labels for people and when you tend to do this yourself. Fourth: Stay optimistic. Do not give in to fear, panic and pessimism, because this is the state of mind you are most susceptible for “outside solutions”, that are often traps, when you have to “give something back” for the solution. This has happened with Covid 19.

“We have a deadly virus”—>Pessimism, Panic—>“We have the solution: stay inside, do not question our solutions (don´t do research on your own, and if you do, do not even trusts epidemiologists when they critise us), do not talk to others (do not help others to understand what is really going on), perpetuate the panic in yourself and others by wearing a facemask, show your obedience and trust by wearing a face mask, hate others who do not comply for risking your health (don´t let others help you to understand what is really going on, label them as covidiots and set yourself apart), give us your data and give up your freedom and many of your rights ( trust our solution only. otherwise stay pessimistic and afraid )”—>feel save.

What about an alternate version:

“We probably have a deadly virus. We will do research with 10.000 volunteers to answer the following questions: 1. How many people get sick because of this virus (not: tested positive)? 2. How many people die because of the virus (not: with the virus)? 3. What are the risk factors? 4. Is this virus more dangerous than known coronaviruses? We expect reliable results in a month or so. Until then we recommend: do not panic, strenghten your immunesystem with vitamin C and vitamin D (enjoy healthy food and the good weather), wash your hands, sneeze and cough in your elbow, stay at home when you are not feeling well and keep a distance to people who might be sick. The elderly and chronical sick people might want to avoid overcrowded places and events until we know more.”

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x22 report is intelligent, analytical and optimistic. Maybe these are the most important traits to survive the singularity and every other threatening situation.

“enjoy the show” helps to survive:

YouTube censored X22 report today. you can find it on BitChute: