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Sexual expansion technology


I read this article during the summer. What do members think? Sexual expansion technology will give greater control of destinies to individuals:


Thank you very much for posting this here. I was really positively surprised by that article. It does dive into the depths of possible consequences of sexual preference change.

Of course, I have thought about this topic, too. In my sci-fi setting Coherence, people can create customized sexual preferences for themselves. However, there’s a default sexual orientation, which is called “adaptive sexuality”. Adaptive sexuality merely means developing sexual desire for the people you frequently hang around with. This seems to be “natural” for me, since how reasonable would it really be to desire someone who you never met in the first place? Sure, many people decide not to adopt “adaptive sexuality”, but they are the minority. Asexuality would be the second most frequent sexual orientation, since there are certain more intense forms of bonding than sexuality in the world of Coherence (think merging with the mind of another person).

I’m not certain about my own meta-preferences, though. Sometimes I would like to be pansexual, but then at other times, I would like to be asexual. It probably depends on how social I’m feeling at the moment. Switching between both extremes at random would be something that would probably have quite negative societal consequences and would probably be frowned upon. What social norms will emerge that aim to regulate the switching of sexual orientations? Will people start entering contracts that require from them to have certain sexual orientations for a specified time? Or would the area of sexuality be a space in which engaging in contracts would be unthinkable? There are many cultural possibilities. In the sense of cultural diversity, I guess that all of them will see their realization.


Thank you. I wonder what it would take to make it possible or whether anyone would want to investigate the possibilities.

I see a great marketing opportunity for someone frustrated. Double your chances of love, buy the Bi could be one slogan. I think there would be legislation to ensure the person doing it is doing it of their own free will and they are competent to do so.

More likely private companies would be offering these treatments. I doubt government ministries would want to do it.

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The book Love Drugs: The Chemical Future of Our Relationships is out today.